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Is The Google Glass Making A Comeback?

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When Google first came out with their wearable glasses, everybody thought that they marked the next step in technology. People predicted that they would eventually replace your phone as your main means of getting in touch with people and finding information, but then they hit the market and they were a massive flop.One of the main reasons that they didn’t take off is the price. They were retailing at around £1000 each and with some pretty shaky reviews, people were reluctant to part with their money. 

The other issue with the Google Glass is that it didn’t actually have that much use for people in their everyday lives. They looked pretty ridiculous and it was quite distracting having a pair of glasses displaying graphics that blocked your vision. While the concept might have been good, the execution just didn’t work.

Regardless of the relative failure of the Google Glass, other companies like Sony started to develop their own rival products but they didn’t find any success either. Eventually, Google took their wearables off the market and it looked as though glasses as wearable tech were dead forever, but that might not be the case. The main reason that these wearables failed is that they were targeted at the wrong people. The general consumer doesn’t have much use for them and they’re not willing to pay £1000 for something that doesn’t do much for them, but people in industry managed to find a lot more value in them. That’s why Google and a lot of other companies are bringing back the wearable glasses and selling them to industries, these are just some of the ways that they’re being used.


The construction industry is one of the biggest users of wearable glasses at the minute and sites like http://librestream.com/solutions/wearables/ are developing innovative products all the time. Their glasses and head mounted tablets can be used to access health and safety information and informational manuals as well as keep in touch with colleagues in real time. This gives people more awareness around the site and keeps everybody safe and makes the job a lot easier.


Manufacturing is one industry where efficiency is vital and wearable tech can help with that. If you have workers sending a live video stream of their daily activities, that can be reviewed to identify and fix any productivity issues. It can also help to identify the cause of any injuries or accidents that happen around the workplace to make sure that they aren’t repeated. Visit http://blog.exactonline.com/five-ways-youll-see-wearable-technology-manufacturing/ for more information on how wearable glasses tech is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

These are just a few of the industries that are already making good use of wearable glasses tech to improve their output and make their day to day activities a lot safer. Everybody thought that wearable glasses were just a fad that died out never to return but that’s not true. After rethinking their strategy and appealing to a different market, it looks like they’re back and they’re here to stay for good in all sorts of different industries.

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