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Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit

Gone are the days when on a typical weekend one of the mammoth tasks used to be cleaning the toilet pot; applying the liquid to the bowl, waiting for maybe 15 – 20 minutes and then taking your brush and start rubbing, and not to forget, while inhaling all the emitting gases at the same time. Even after so much of hassle, the cleaning is never up to your expectations. There might be tough stains, some areas where the brush can’t reach and a lot of water wastage while flushing multiple times, just to make sure your pot is clean enough.

From the tech minds of the human race where technology is there in almost all the small things in your day to day life, for how long your toilet can stay away from it as well. Yes, the techies have entered into your washroom (sounds weird !!) and introduced a product which can provide you relief from the hassle of toilet cleaning.

Giddel, a toilet cleaning robot from the New York-based Altan Robotech is the latest offering from the company. Whether you feel disgusted or lazy when the thought of cleaning the toilet comes to your mind, Giddel is the answer to all your worries. Giddel has small telescopic arms which can easily fit in small toilets. These arms are extendable to serve the cleaning of larger toilet pots as well. Your fight with toilet brush is over since the technology in Giddel allows it to scrub the rim, the bowl, under the rim and all the way, down to the exit.

Giddel has sensors through which it can detect obstacles in its path and is projected as children and pet-friendly. However, because of the nature of its work, children should not be allowed anywhere near it, while it is at its job. All the parts in Giddle are waterproof, and the company boasts on using the high-quality servos in him. It is also claimed that each cleaning session of Giddel will cost less than a dollar.

Under laboratory test conditions, Giddel cleans 3 toilets per week for 3 years straight. These stats look good, and while we know the real-time results will surely be different from lab results, Giddel will still be a financially viable solution. Coming to its usage, you apply any toilet cleaner of your choice to the bowl, take Giddel off its charging station and connect it to the mounting brackets which are always out of the pot, then press the start button, and leave the rest to it.

As it is always suspended over the toilet and its brush doesn’t spin, you can rest assured that there will no splashing, whatsoever. The best part is that, since its body is made of anti-microbial plastic, you don’t have to worry about germs while dismounting the same. So, if Giddel sounds like a one-stop solution for your toilet cleaning woes, go to Alan Robotics webpage and order one for yourself.

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