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Getting Started with Quadcopter Flying: Which Drone Is Right for You?

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The drone scene is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are getting into this awesome and extremely rewarding hobby. However, as with any new hobby, the first steps are kind of overwhelming – so the team at FPV Frenzy have put together an infographic as part of their guide to getting started with drones – so whether you want to start racing or start taking aerial photographs, they’ve got you covered!

Are You Experienced?

If you’re a newbie to the world of drone flight, it’s a good idea to start off with a simulator or a toy. Why? Many people don’t realize that with numerous propellers and complex controllers, flying a drone is quite different than flying a standard toy airplane. Take off without gaining the understanding and experience necessary to pilot one of these wonders and you risk encountering problems. Your drone could crash (which is no joke when you’re piloting an expensive, heavy object hundreds of feet above people and property) or you could run afoul of FAA regulations.

Calling All Photographers

For those who have experience in the drone scene and are hoping to purchase one of their own, consider what purpose your drone will serve. If you’re interested in aerial photography, know that not all drones can handle the additional weight of a camera. Search out drones like the DJI MAVIC PRO or the DJI PHANTOM to have the power and stability to capture high-quality images and video.

Drones Just Want to Have Fun

Others simply want to fly for fun, and there are plenty of options for those who want to race their drones across the skies. First, you’ll need a radio with a great range and comfortable controls that are well-suited to your specific drone. The Turnigy Evolution provides a great balance between great control and affordability, while the more expansive (and more expensive) Taranis X9D will be the choice for expert drone pilots.

To See or Not to See?

For the ultimate in outdoor drone flight, goggles give you a first-person perspective of the world through your drone’s camera lens. Whether you start out with an entry level device like the Eachine VR-D2 or upgrade to a pair of Fat Shark Dominators, goggles are a must for drone racing.

DIY Drones

Finally, whether you’re racing your drones indoors or out, it’s important to choose a model based on how handy you are. If you’re no stranger to a solder gun, the options are limitless, with micro builds and prop builds just waiting for you to create and customize them. There are still great options for those who don’t know a solder gun from a hot glue gun, however: the MakerFire Tiny Whoop RTF provides deft movement and lots of fun for indoors, while the TBS Vendetta or ImmersionRC Vortex have the versatility and power valued by outdoor drone pilots.

Piloting drones is huge fun that opens up a whole new world of exploration. While the final goal is to learn how your drone works and to be able to build/repair them yourself, there are plenty of choices for those who are new to the drone world. Be safe and have a blast!

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