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Gadgets for Better Living

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It is arguable that the advancements in technology have created a more isolated population that seems unable to get their heads up from their smartphones, tablets or computers.

With increasing number of social platforms and technology being created at a lightening pace, our destinies are almost evolving just like the animated movie “Wall-E” predicted our outcome to be in the year 2085.

In the movie, the people of earth were evacuated to the Axiom mothership because of environmental destruction. The main star Wall-E finds the passengers to be severely obese with no physical strength because of everything being automated.

Cruising around in the starliner with automated lazyboys, with the ability to drink soda through a straw with the press of a button; Our present day environmental carelessness and technology advancements do not seem so far off from this outcome.

How to Use Technology to Better Our Lives and the Environment

Solar Charger Kits

The ability to use the sun as an energy source should not be ignored as it is a free resource in our fossil fuel economy. Of course everyone wants a complete photovoltaic system to power everything in the home but this is just not a reality to most people.

Those systems are bulky, expensive to install, in need of maintenance and energy companies are making houses pay on demand charges, high connection fees to the grid, and increasing fixed utilities charges for solar panels.

A simple and feasible solution is a 16.8 watt solar charger kit that has the ability to power laptops, tablets, and cell phones. The kit is great because it is portable, lightweight, and great for any emergency situation when the power is off.

Giving Your House a Brain

The energy wasted in US homes is staggering. Data states that energy consumed by 75,000 homes a year equals the energy contained in the biggest oil spill in US history. If you want to help the environment, you just need to get a grasp of your own carbon footprint.

Wireless technology such as Z-wave products fit inside normal household products such as light switches, wall plugs, door locks and thermostats. The z wave technology allows you to communicate with them.

This smart device technology understands energy use during the time you’re home and the time you’re at work, as well as the difference in sunrise/sunset times.

Benefits of a Clean Rear

The bum gun is a hand held triggered nozzle similar to the ones found in kitchen sinks that is used as an alternative to toilet paper.

It is said that worldwide 270,000 trees is either flushed or dumped in landfills every day and also water, electricity, and chlorine is used in the process to produce toilet paper.

Not only does the bum gun save forests but it prevents hand contamination, hemorrhoids, bacterial infections and provides a clean rear. It might be time for the western population to introduce the bum gun technology and high hygiene standards to their homes.

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