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Findster GPS Tracker – To Track Your Pet

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Are you tired of tracking your pet when you take him to a walk? Get ready to know the device that could make you keep track of your pet. The Findster GPS Tracker helps you be connected with your pet literally. By using this tracker, you can find your pet on your map through the GPS feature. Now it is possible to find your pet dog through this wonderful device and can save the trouble of losing them. To locate and to monitor your pet’s activity, Findster Duo plus is the right choice.

The kit comprises of two tracking devices. All you have to do is install the Findster app and attach one of the trackers to the dog’s collar and the other one; you have to keep it with you. This device can sense up to 3 miles or 4.8 kilometers radius. So that lets you have the benefit of finding your beloved pet easily. You can also set a radius. If the dog exceeds the set radius, there would appear an indication on the application.

This is a modern way of keeping track of your pets and it is really efficient too. You might wonder that this would be expensive and it would have non-affordable monthly fees. Do not worry anymore. There is no monthly fee for this feature. You just have to purchase it once and the rest comes easy. The best part is that this GPS tracker works even on the no cell coverage area optimized specially for walks, hiking, and sometimes shopping too. But keep in mind that this tracker does not monitor inside indoors or remote places. But apart from that, you can trust it up to 3 miles of distance. If you find your pup missing, it is certain that you can find him before 3 miles, so this might be an ideal inclusion to your pet accessories.

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Tom April 17, 2019 at 10:22 am

Wow. Most of the trackers do not work in no cell coverage plus it does not have a monthly fee. Thanks for sharing the article.


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