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Fat Freezer Face – Sculpt your Face

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Do you have stubborn areas on your face that you wish that you could slim down but it’s not happening despite eating right and exercising? I think most of us would like to slim or tone our faces but don’t want to spend the money or do any sort of surgical procedures. The Fat Freezer Face is a new at home device to help tone your face and freeze fat away in the areas you want. This system uses cryolipolysis technology to target and sculpt fat away from your face. While you can sculpt the desired areas you want, you won’t change your natural look with this device. With this device you can get rid of your double or triple chin, tighten your neck area, contour your jawline, and enhance your cheekbones.

The Fat Freezer Face works in three stages. The first stage is to freeze the area using blue cooling light, which helps to shrink fat cells and where most of the sculpting occurs. The second stage is to heat the area using Thermo heat for circulation. Red photon thermal light further circulates heat and sculpts the area and may also target wrinkles. The third stage is rejuvenation using the sonic setting. 12,000 sonic micro currents along with green sono light helps to achieve this. It may also target puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. This stage also helps to calm the skin area. These three stages of the device with regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you achieve your desired facial goals.

The Fat Freezer Face device is portable, cordless, and rechargeable and has an ergonomic design to fit all areas of the face. You can back this product on Indiegogo and be one of the first ones to own this unique device.

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