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e-Readers vs Old School Books: Which Side Are You On?

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Books are a great way to create a portal into another world. It can take your mind off things; let your imagination run amok, while learning a thing or two along the way. Reading books can be a great hobby, although one may not know where to start. There are books about anything and everything under the sun, so finding a specific branch to focus on can be very difficult.

The first issue you have to deal with is to whether use an E-Reader or stick with regular books. It can be a tough decision, and one that can cost you large amounts of expenses. Unless you are a millionaire or a lottery winner, you have you set a budget. Those who want to win lotteries can try, and if you know where to look, you can be on your way to winning big. US-online-casino.us for example is a great site where you can try your luck with the numbers. For everyone else however, picking between technology vs tradition can determine how much will you spend for this hobby.

The Old Fashioned Way

A good old fashioned book is hard to pass up. Nothing can replace the authentic smell of the pages, the sounds as you flip through the chapters, and the overall peace that resonates from them.

They have limitations however, and sometimes these negatives can really turn people off. First issue would be the book’s weight and size. You have to carry it around. For students, this is a pain we all know too well. Lugging around a heavy book from class to class can be frustrating, and it takes a bit of effort to store it. Making space for it is even an issue, since larger books cannot fit in regular sized bags. Another issue for a book is its fragile composition. One spill of water, one minute too long in the rain and it is goodbye.

The Modern Approach

A tablet or an eBook reader can satisfy your book needs while also offering some nice perks. For one, you can take your tablet reader anywhere. This is the equivalent of carrying around an entire library’s worth of books in your bag. An average tablet can fit hundreds, if not thousands of eBooks and PDFs. For those traveling a lot, or simply want less clutter on their desks, an E-reader is the way to go.

Always a Downside

While tablets offer the book experience without the folded pages, heavy load, and the constant necessity for light, they still have their downsides. Fragility is still an issue, with tablets facing water damage problems and fall damage more than a real book’s. You also have to charge its batteries regularly, and failing to do so would prohibit you from accessing the files altogether.

So what will you choose? Convenience or authenticity? Remember that both paths may require you to purchase items. The books themselves can cost a pretty penny, especially if the book is still newly published. Choose wisely, and have fun!

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