Building Block Drone Review: Combining Toy and Tech

Here is a fun concept for people to try out. In what may be a great bridge between ‘toys’ and ‘technology’, the minds at Force Flyers have created a drone made of building blocks.

As a kid, we used to play with LEGOs to create planes and helicopters from the blocks. Back then, the only way for our creations to fly was with our imaginations. After all, an actual flying LEGO creation was something that was completely in the realm of fiction.

The Building Block Drone

However, with today’s advent of technology, it is not surprising to see the building blocks of our childhood used with a more modern twist. Force Flyers, a leading company in the drone world, created the DIY Building Block Drone. The drone, as it says on the name, is do-it-yourself, meaning its entire structure depends on your creativity.

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Building the drone is the same as building any toy structure using blocks. The creativity level is amped up, as you get hold of building blocks with brightly colored coating and a lot of open space to work on. It really takes you back to your childhood. Best of all, your creation actually can fly – that is, if you built it right of course.

The Building Block Drone can teach kids about lessons like weight distribution, balance, and design when creating flying machines. Add too much and it will not fly at all. Add too little, and it becomes very fragile. Even the basic laws of aerodynamics get touched up on when you are trying to get the most out of the drone’s flight capabilities.

Plus and Minus

(+) Simple design and idea

(+) Very affordable at around $50 (goes even lower on sales)

(+) Can be a creative project to work on

(+) A very viable option if you are looking for a starter drone

(+) Kid-friendly, user-friendly controls and design

(+) Can reach 240 feet in range

(+) Auto-stabilization feature for easier flying

(+) LEGO compatible bricks

(+) Can do 360-degree flips with a button press


(-) Flight time of 10-12 minutes

(-) Recharge time of 60 minutes









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