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Digit – The Next Delivery Robot

Though we have heard of the delivery robots since long now, there hasn’t been much of practical experience across the globe. Also, whatever that has been adopted so far, doesn’t look like the one we expected. We have heard of greater experience with regards to delivery robots, and Amazon or FedEx have just tried the best so far.

To make life easy and hassle-free, and also to provide a greater customer service experience, a humanoid robot is an experiment that has been tried and tested over the years. Even the best four-legged robots have not made it to the best satisfaction, though they have been appreciated. While the four-legged are more apt for heavy lifting, two-legged are more human-friendly and can move around and within the crowd effortlessly.

After the trial of Cassey, Agility Robotics has now uncovered their new model, that will be categorized as a humanoid robot. Their first bipedal robot, Digit, uses four degree-of-freedom arms to balance, push doors, lift boxes up and even catch a falling parcel. Digit looks much sleeker than any of the humanoid robots so far.

Digit includes an upper torso, along with computing abilities and additional sensors. It walks on two legs like a human and can carry boxes that weigh up to 40 pounds. The characteristics are meant to mirror a human delivery professional, moving around like a real person. Digit is also said to have enhanced control system that enables it to climb stairs and plan its footsteps. The whole control is done through a robust Application Programming Interface, either onboard the robot or through a wireless link.

Digit’s torso houses two multi-core CPUs along with a payload bay that allows the third computer for additional perception support and bolstering learning abilities. The best part is, Digit takes only about five minutes to be up and walking right after unboxing.

Although Digit seems to be ready to be promoted for the market, it is still unavailable for purchasing. The current version that we have heard of is version 1.0, and it is said that the next revision is underway. It is also believed that the next version will be making its grand debut in 2020.

Just like Cassey, Digit too will carry warranty support as well as post-sales application engineering assistance. Agility Robotics will announce the pricing for Digit this mid-year and purchases open with the beginning of 2020.

Photo Credit: https://www.geekextreme.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/digit_delivery_robot.jpg

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