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Couch Coaster Weighted Drink Holder

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If you are watching movies, taking a nap, reading a book or relaxing on your couch, you may need to sip a drink. In most instances, you want to sit in a position that gives you the best view, as well as comfort and perhaps avoid interruptions to the sessions. With a drink in hand, you need a table to place it, or you will have to hold it the entire session. The couch coaster is a game changer when it comes to keeping your drink close to you as well as in a fixed position.

Placing the drink on the edge of the couch translates to pouring the drink at the slightest movement. You do not want to spill the beverage or worse of break glasses on your carpets as a result. You can make your couch a multifunctional set of furniture by adding the fantastic cup holders on the edges. The Couchcoaster is designed to hold your cup and bottle in position eliminating the need for a table when you are watching a TV program.

It must not be fitted on a couch as it can fit in any chair that has an arm. Just place it on the arm of the seat and enjoy the drink as you watch your program. From cans to cups, and bottles, you can take any drink from the holder such as coffee, soft drinks, beer, and tea. You can user the set outside the house hence no need to move tables to different locations.

Available in various colors, users can match the holder with the color of the seats or the theme of the rooms. They are built to last hence not likely to break down easily. They are perfect solutions when you are sick and cannot bend to pick the drinks. A full set comes with adapters that hold cups, cans, and bottles. If it sounds interesting, you can get yours at $19.95.



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