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Budget Keyboard Options Actually Exist for the Financially-Challenged Gamer

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I’ve been in the market for a good keyboard for gaming. I play a lot, so I tend to go through a lot of keyboards. After battering up a few different expensive keyboards that didn’t last long at all compared to what I paid for them, I decided to start looking for budget keyboard options.

My Gaming Keyboard Wish List

I wanted a keyboard that wasn’t insanely expensive, but not just any keyboard would do. There were a few specific features that were a must, even if the keyboard came at a discount.


Those who are new to gaming (or who are shopping for a gaming keyboard as a gift for the geek in their lives) might not understand what this means. Isn’t ghosting where you disappear and stop answering someone’s calls and texts?

Not in the world of keyboards, it isn’t. Rather, ghosting is when you hit a few keys at the same time and they won’t work together. Why is this an issue with gaming? Sometimes, you need to hit three different keys to run diagonally up and to the left while firing your rocket launcher at a group of enemies. If your keyboard isn’t anti-ghosting, it might not register your keyboard presses.

Backlit Keys

I almost have my keys memorized. Almost. While I can type without looking at my keyboard, I can’t play all games without at least glancing down to see some of the lesser-used keys. Sometimes I like to play in the dark – especially if I’m playing a horror game at night. Thus, a keyboard with backlit keys is awesome.


When I researched budget keyboard options, I really do mean on a budget. I wanted a keyboard for less than $100.

Amazingly enough, I was able to find a high-quality keyboard with all of my must-have items for an incredibly reasonable price. And believe it or not, gamers, I think this one will last even longer than my last, more expensive one. You’re looking at one happy geek, right here.

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