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Boo! Five Nights at Freddy’s Flashlight

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There numerous situations that might need you to have a flashlight as a backup. The fact that you have a solar backup does not mean you do not need a flashlight for outdoor lighting. When a thunderstorm hits your home, and the power runs out, you may need to look in the shed at your backyard. In such moments, spiders and snakes might be present in the garden, which can be risky for the occupants.

Similarly, stepping out in the woods and fields at nights can be scary and dangerous. The noises coming from the shrubs and the grass fields might signal potential harm if you do not take the necessary caution. At times, it can be just a possum or a raccoon. If you are looking forward to discerning that voice that causes fear at night, five nights at Freddy’s flashlights offer the quality of beam required to keep you safe from possible falls and slips.

The torch bears a switch on the backside that helps regulate the lighting intervals. When you set it on the flashlight mode, it functions as a standard torch light the path every time you hold the switch. If you are handing it to a colleague, you are likely to press the switch that puts the flashlight on the scare mode. It can be a regular flashlight, or give some real jump scare when it vibrates, makes noise, flickers and brings on the Freddy Fazbear of spring traps face. When it happens, you will probably have to pick the light from the ground and stop your friend from running away.

It comes with 3 AAA batteries within a remove-tray tab in the pack for testing before use. The 3-position switch makes the 8” long flashlight suitable for camping and spooking sleepover guests. Users should keep the device out of reach from children under three years of age. Available for $19.99.

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