Benefits of Lighting Automation in Homes

Contrary to popular belief, automating a home’s lighting system is not about making things unnecessarily complicated; the primary purpose of lighting automation is to bring greater simplicity and versatility to the property in question.

Lighting automation can be surprisingly simple to integrate into almost any home. There are countless options available in terms of devices and controllers, but all are designed with the same basic purpose in mind.

Rather than simply turning your lights on and off, you benefit from total control over all aspects of your lighting system. This means you can alter things like the colour, hue and intensity of the lights, creating your own custom themes for different times of day or events.

Smart home lighting systems can be interacted with in a variety of ways, most commonly a remote control or smartphone. A connected smartphone app can make it particularly easy to control your home’s smart lighting system, even if you are away from home at the time.

A good smart lighting system is all about pairing convenience and versatility with energy efficiency. All of which can be taken a step further by automating certain aspects of your home’s lighting system and features.

Motion Sensor Lighting Control

The most popular entry point to home lighting automation is the installation of motion sensors. A common feature in businesses and commercial premises, these sensors are designed to activate the lights when a person enters the room and turn them off when no motion is detected.

Motion sensor lighting control can be great for ensuring lights are never needlessly left on, wasting energy in the process. In addition, they can also make darker homes safer places to navigate at night, without the risk of tripping and falling over objects in the dark.

Scheduling and Timers

Another popular feature of smart home lighting systems; schedules can be created for the activation and deactivation of lights. You can program your system to turn on certain lights at dusk, or perhaps gradually increase the level of light in the morning for a gentle wakeup.

Scheduling can also be a useful feature for boosting security while away from home. You can create a schedule that makes it look as if your home is occupied, deterring criminals from targeting your property.

Why Upgrade to a Smart Lighting System?

Smart lighting systems are designed to bring a whole new level of convenience, simplicity and practicality into the home. They are comprehensively easy to use, affordable to install and so much more versatile than a standard ‘on or off’ lighting system.

Automation in particular can make your home’s lighting system easier to control, in accordance with your everyday habits and lifestyle. Where automation is combined with a timer, the system becomes even more convenient.

Irrespective of the type of home you live in, there are options available to replace your current switches with smart light switches. After which, you can control your lights from any connected device, or by voice command using a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Just a few of the biggest benefits of bringing lighting automation into the home include the following:

Minimise Risks of Accidents 

With lights that activate automatically when there is somebody in the vicinity, there is a much lower risk of accidents for those present. This is true for both indoors and outdoors where smart lighting automation can make it easier to navigate your home in the dark.

Elegance and Sophistication

Smart lighting systems enable you to control your home’s lights with pinpoint precision, creating themes and moods for all types of occasions. From romantic evenings by the fire to family movie nights to dinners with guests, you can create pre-set themes and activate them at the touch of a button.

Easy to Control 

The simplicity of interacting with a smart home lighting system cannot be overstated. A mobile app with a user-friendly interface can be used to control your lighting system, or you can even speak commands to tell your lights what to do.

Saves Money on Electricity

An energy-efficient smart lighting system has the potential to pay for itself. Smart lighting by its nature is designed to consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting, while ensuring energy is never wasted with lights accidentally left on.

In Summary

With devices like Evvr’s innovative In-Wall Relay Smart Light Switch, installing a smart lighting system at home can be surprisingly simple.

Evvr’s In-Wall Relay Switch can be installed in place of any conventional light switch around the home, even if there is no neutral wire present. Eliminating the requirement for the neutral wire can also lead to significant savings on installation costs, as the it can be installed in minutes with no specialist tools required.

Slowly but surely, smart lighting is becoming a standard feature in more homes and businesses than ever before; the quicker you get on board with smart lighting, the quicker you gain access to its long list of associated benefits.




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