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The Bacon Express- Makes Up to 6 Bacon Strips Instantly

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There’s nothing as annoying as waking up with a bacon craving, but you know well you cannot have that instantly.  Apart from the after-mess that comes with making bacon, the whole process takes much time making it not always possible especially when one is in a hurry. The good news is that the Bacon Express is here to solve all your bacon problems.

The handy instant mini bacon making grill allows one to prepare up to six strips of bacon within a short period. The Bacon Express also makes the food vertically, allowing all grease to drain into an underneath compartment that is easily removable gradually.  Additionally, the gadget has great handles making it rather simple to use the machine.

Using the Bacon Express is rather trouble-free. Only lay down as much bacon as you wish, up to six strips, then turn the grill on and keep adjusting the heat depending on the breadth of your bacon. As soon as the set time elapses, you only have perfectly-made delicious bacon with exceptionally slight pre and post work need to do.

The upright cooking approach of the Bacon Express lets all grease from the bacon to effortlessly drop away. Moreover, you will only have with you some soft bacon due to the downward pulling.

The Bacon Express features a detachable non-stick cooking plate, alongside door liners with insulation for trouble-free cleanup. A slide-out tray underneath the device will hold the grease thus allowing for easy disposal.

The Bacon Express also has a well-illuminated cooking dial, a timer and cool touch handles to avoid burns.  The mini grill weighs an approximate of 5.5 lbs, and measures eleven inches wide, 8.5 inches tall and five inches deep..

The Bacon Express goes for only $40 bucks, which is a rather fair price.

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