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Andru – Android Robot USB Device Charger

Andru USB phone charger

Andru is a phone charger shaped like that cuddly green Android mascot; its eyes light up blue when your phone is charging and white when your phone is on standby power. And just in case that wasn’t enough, its arms are moveable and flexible.

Especially for Android phones, Andru won’t complain if you use him to charge other USB devices. Plug your USB device into his noggin and then plug his feet into the nearest power strip or outlet. He’ll happily stand by while your device charges and let you pose his arms and tousle his antennae.

The 2.5 in. tall, Andru is made up of green & white plastic with matte finish; comes with its own stand and micro USB cable, and you can befriend him for a penny under $25 think geek.

Buy It:  $24.99

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