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Altered:Nozzle – Save 98% Water Compared To Regular Faucets

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With depleting resources of fresh water, more and more emphasis is placed on water conservation. One fundamental conservation goal in many communities is universal metering. One would be unable to waste water unless they are willing to pay the extra charges. New technology are being developed reduce water consumption and waste. Automatic faucets are being used in many public restrooms to conserve water.

There is this new special faucet on Kickstarter that promises to save you up to 98% of the water you would normally use. The faucet does this by turning your regular flow into a fine mist  which is enough to wash your hands and rinse off dishes.

When a single stream of water hits a surface the water must go somewhere, and because the stream is uniform the water will tend to go mostly in the same direction. If a single stream hits a surface which is curved, then the stream will conform to the shape and be easily redirected with the force of the volume of water falling. Adding the aerator does two things; reduces the volume of falling water which reduces the splash distance, and creates multiple “mini-streams” within the main stream. Each mini-stream, if it were falling by itself would splash or flow in a unique and different way when it hit the surface, as compared to the other mini-streams. Because they are all falling at the same time, the streams will splash in their own way but end up hitting other splash streams. The resulting interference cancels out the majority of the splashing effect.

If a bigger flow is required, the nozzle can open up the floodgates. It is claimed that even at the higher flow rate there will be a saving of around 75%.

The nozzle should be available in early 2017 and will cost you just under $40.

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