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All About the Samsung Galaxy S10

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As many of you know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 just released. There are so many specifications and features to consider when purchasing a new phone. If you’re wondering if you should purchase this phone, keep reading!

Screen size

This 10th installment of the Samsung Galaxy has the biggest screen it has ever had in the series. It comes with a 6.1” QHD+ Cinematic Infinity Display and the resolution is 3040 x 1440 pixels. Playing games and watching videos on this device will feel like a mesmerizing experience with the quality this phone provides.

Various Colors

This phone comes in several colors including Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, and Flamingo Pink. This is a wider selection as opposed to other Android devices.

Higher Pricing

The pricing for this phone ranges between $699-$949 depending on the carrier and storage size.

Large Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has two memory capacities to choose from. Customers can either get the 128 GB size or the 512 GB size. In addition to the storage amount you purchase, this phone has the option to expand your memory size beyond that with a memory card.

Great Camera

This cell phone comes with a 10 MP front-facing camera, which is great for selfie takers. The rear camera comes in three seperate mini cameras installed in the back. Two of them are 12 megapixels and the third one is 16 megapixels. This phone camera comes with slow-motion capture to capture action shots. This camera also records in 4K resolution. If you are into photography this may the phone for you!

Better Standby Time

This Galaxy S10 has improved standby time in comparison to later models. Its battery can last up to 34 hours in talk time, and nearly 4 days in normal standby time.

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