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WTF Candles – Great Way To Prank Someone

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April Fools Day may have come and gone but a good prank can be pulled any day of the year. Sometimes when you pull a prank, you still need to be considerate. Not all pranks are mean for the general masses but I feel that the WTF Candles can be used against anyone of any age. So you may be asking WTF is a WTF Candle? The WTF Candle is the perfect way to prank an unsuspecting friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, client, boss, etc. These WTF Candles start off with a pleasant scent but after a few uses take a serious turn for the worst!

The WTF Candles are made in the USA and contain paraffin wax, stearic acid, fragrance, and of course a wick. When you gift the WTF Candle, the first few hours will have a pleasant scent and your target won’t suspect a thing. In fact, they’ll ring you up and thank you for the lovely candle. But after a certain number of uses, things start to go completely wrong and they’ll be wondering WTF is going on with the disgusting stench in the house.

There are currently five different scents available which start off pleasant but soon become unbearable. The first scent is Apple Pie which eventually smells like a toxic Fart. The second one is Red Rose with a wonderful floral scent but soon turns into Sweaty Ass. I’m curious if they actually extracted these “fine” scents from actual people or were they simulated in a lab? The Clean Laundry scent eventually ends up smelling like Dirty Socks. Can you guess what the Baby Powder candle ends up smelling like? Yep, Dirty Diapers! And the fresh pot of morning Coffee eventually turns into Stank Breath.

These WTF Candles are available for only $11.95 on the Grommet and 100% worth the price. Don’t forget, also perfect for your ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or your ex-wife’s new ultra-rich 76 year old husband.

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