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I’m a Wanker; You’re a Wanker.

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Male masturbation is something that’s so quickly made fun of. It’s even the source of a well-known British insult: wanker.

According to the dictionary, to wank is “typically used of a man” and means “to masturbate oneself or someone else.”

You know what, guys? We all do it. We all jerk off. Incessantly. Whenever we’re alone. In the shower. In the morning and at night. We do it in bed, in front of our computers, and on the couch.

I’m sick of us being ridiculed for it. I’m here to proudly proclaim that I’m a wanker. In fact, I enjoy wanking so much that I’ve started collecting male sex toys to make the experience feel even better.

What kind of sex toys, you ask? Masturbation sleeves are some of my favorites. I like them because they’re so easy to toss in a drawer and get them out of the way when they’re not in use. This helps prevent them being accidentally discovered by any girl I bring home (which would be bad) or my mom when she visits (which would be even worse).

While some masturbation sleeves come with bells and whistles like vibrators included, my absolute favorites are the ones that are more basic. Some are made of jelly material, while others are designed to feel more realistic like skin. Some (like the Fleshlight) come with gel inserts that can be warmed or cooled to provide interesting sensations. All of them feel awesome.

There are also a variety of vibrators, from ones that attach to sleeves to head stroker vibrators that focus where it counts. Vibrators aren’t just for the ladies anymore!

I’ve found that these kinds of male sex toys provide much more physical stimulation for self-pleasure, but they’re also a great addition when I’m fantasizing. Whether I’m sitting up on the couch or have a stroker sleeve positioned just so in bed, these devices make it really fun to imagine different scenarios as I’m getting off.

Why am I talking about all of this? Because I’m tired of us guys being ashamed of it. Women are proud of their sex toys; why can’t we openly discuss ours? We are all wankers, after all. Let’s embrace it!

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