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Awesome Geeky Gifts For Your Valentine

A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s day. We all grow out of the generic flowers, chocolates and wine pairings because we grow jaded from the commercialisation of this Hallmark holiday, and do not wish to take advice from corporations on what we should do in our relationships to be a good partner. However, Valentine’s day can be whatever you want it to be. You need not spend money on generic trinkets if that is not what you or your partner like, but it can be a nice excuse to do something special for your partner.

It can take a bit more time and effort to think about a gift that is tailored to their tastes, but if they’re the geeky types, then a gift that fits their tastes will be priceless to them.

Almost all of us have a geek inside us. According to Dan Harmon, creator of Rick and Morty, all of us have a secret craving to be obsessed with something and not feel stupid about it. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that your partner knows and cares about this aspect of your personality, and wants to celebrate it. So let us look into some geeky gift ideas you can give to your partner. These are simply ideas, so feel free to make your pick from them, customise them as you please, or add other little gifts or a card to them.

Geek Themed Jewellery

This is the perfect gift for a girl. A piece of jewelry may seem generic, but add a geeky element to it, and you have a personalized little trinket your partner can wear on herself! There is a lot of variety for you to choose from. Some examples are Harry Potter themed Time Turned pendant, Solar System pendant with all the different planets made from beads, Game Of Thrones necklace, The One Ring pendant from Lord Of The Rings, House-crest pendant from Harry Potter, Wonder Woman themed jewelry, and much much more.

Customized Tea/Coffee Accessories

Almost everyone in the world has a favourite hot beverage to sip on as they cozy up with a geeky fandom to dive into. Whether your honey enjoys tea or coffee, there are customizable mugs available in the online stores for you to buy. You can pick the fandom of their choice, and engrave a special quote from their favorite character, a crest or picture that would mean a lot to them, or any special message you wish to write, and pick the shape and color of the mug you want, and let them do the rest. You can also simply go online and look for a good teapot or mug that is already available, and make your choice from the most popular options availabel in the fandom if you aren’t sure what to get them.

Handmade Geeky Gifts

Do you have little money, but a talent for drawing, painting, knitting, woodworking or embroidery? Geeks tend to be obsessed with the fandom of their choice for sentimental reasons. They are a pretty emotional bunch, and they will surely melt if you make something for them by hand. There a ton of ideas floating around the internet for the fandom of your choice. Try sites like Pinterest, Tumblr or Reddit for gift ideas for niche fandoms and hobbies. A few examples are the House scarfs from Harry Potter, Star Wars bookmarks, or a painting of the superhero they love. They are sure to fall in love with you all over again if you make something by hand!

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