Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Electric-Paper-Airplane-Conversion-KitEver since we were kids, we’ve been in love with the paper airplane.  They didn’t cost anything, you can always find spare paper, and were easy to make for hours of fun.  Even as grownups, we still play around with paper airplanes, throwing them at co-workers or just about any time we feel bored.  Now you can have even more fun with paper planes thanks to the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit.

The kit consists of a propeller with a small engine and a recharger.  The propeller sits at the back while the engine sits at the front; they’re both made out of lightweight carbon fiber so they don’t make the plane un-flyable.  Now all you need is some paper to make a nice airplane, attach the propeller parts and stick the recharger to the front of the plane for 20 seconds.  Throw the plane in the air and watch as the airplane flies around for about 90 seconds.

The Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit will cost you $19.99 but you’ll have to bring your own paper and three AA batteries.





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