Do Your Children Ask You For Money For Their Video Games?

Video games have become an important part of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional gamer or just a person who enjoys relaxing in his spare time playing games on the cell phone. Video games will always be there!

With the boom in video games (especially in the pandemic), the gaming industry has grown exponentially, launching more and more online games or packs of skins, skills, improvements, boosters, and game passes, among others, that You can buy directly from the store with your debit or credit card.

But is it safe to associate a debit/credit card with an online gaming platform? What are the risks? And what alternatives exist in the market that are less risky? Keep reading!

Video Games vs Online Shopping

The concept of online shopping is well known in the world of video games, having adopted microtransactions to many games. For a minimum price, players can obtain benefits to their experience, such as new outfits or weapons for combat games; However, they are not mandatory to enjoy the game; many accessories they offer to enrich the experience.

But what happens when these video games are played by kids who don’t manage their own finances? The answer is simple: “Exponential expenses on the parent’s credit/debit card.”

In 2019, the BBC reported that in England, a married couple discovered that their children had spent more than $700 in 3 weeks buying characters in the FIFA video game. Although the game package purchased by the parents cost only $10, their card was registered in the application. Their children made in-game purchases to obtain their favorite player: Leonel Messi.

Likewise, the Internet Matters organization surveyed 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 4 and 16, which showed that 26% were concerned about the money their children spend on purchases within video games.

There are different ways to control the purchases your children make in video games, such as protecting your game accounts with passwords or PIN numbers, as well as having frequent conversations with children about what is free and what costs money in a game.

But, there is also a better option where children can make purchases within video games without affecting parents’ finances. This option is A debit card for gamers.

What are gaming cards?

They are debit cards with reward systems or “points” that you can use directly in a video game or streaming platform such as “twitch” or “steam,” among others. These gaming cards are designed exclusively for gamers.

Prepaid gamer debit cards let you buy games and add-ons, pay for your streaming subscriptions and online games, and more; without the associated risks of submitting your card details to online gaming platforms.

Its premise is simple: it allows you to obtain a virtual or physical deposit account and debit card for free, which you can top up whenever you want. You choose the amount of money added to the card, allowing you to establish a budget for your children without affecting your finances.

Also, since the card is not linked to your bank account, it helps protect you from risks such as unauthorized payments or security breaches.

Top 3 Debit Cards for Gamers

As we have already mentioned, one of the best options to be able to control your children’s finances (or yours if you are a gamer) when making a purchase within your favorite video game is with a debit card with rewards for gamers.

Debit cards for gamers have reward systems that give you “points” for each transaction you make for purchases or payment of services. And since debit cards only handle the money you top up, you can control your spending while earning rewards.

Each platform offers you benefits and rewards that you can use to purchase various products, such as video games, subscriptions to streaming platforms, consoles, gift cards, PC games, and much more.

1- Ugami Debit Card

Ugami is a Miami-based fintech startup founded in 2021 focused on improving how players experience rewards programs. The player debit card has a rewards program that will allow players to redeem rewards for gaming products, hardware and software, exclusive gaming sessions, and even cryptocurrency.

Players will earn “Ugipoints,” which they can redeem at the Ugami Store to purchase products from top brands, including Best Buy, Nvidia, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many more.

The more Ugipoints a player earns, the higher his level and status. Players can redeem “Ugipoints” for cash back, game systems, software, gift cards, GPUs, cryptocurrencies, and more.

They currently have two types of player debit cards available: a regular and a “boosted” one. The normal card is 100% free, gives you 500 welcome “ugipoints” and has a 3X Ugipoints earning rate.

On the other hand, the Boosted Card will allow you to have an accelerated Ugipoints earning rate of 4X. Likewise, you can also enjoy different experiences and exclusive access to benefits within the application. The monthly fee for the Boost card is $9.99.

2- Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Amazon sells almost everything, including everything you need for the perfect gaming setup. Chances are you can find it on Amazon, from gaming consoles to keyboards to accessories and more.

With Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, you’ll earn 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases. And when you get hungry from all that gaming, you’ll also get 5% back on all Whole Foods purchases.

You definitely won’t find another card that gives you higher daily rewards for your Amazon spending, so if you’re already an Amazon Prime member and spend a good amount of money on the site, this card is perfect for you. But if you rarely shop at Amazon, paying the $139 annual Prime membership fee might not make sense.

3- PlayStation Visa Card

If you’re a die-hard fan of PlayStation consoles, games, and software, this gaming debit card is worth getting. Avid gamers earn 5X points on the PlayStation™ Store and purchases of PlayStation and Sony products at authorized retailers with a purchase confirmation, 3X points on their Internet and cable bill payments, and 1X points on all other purchases that accept Visa.

There’s no annual fee, and new PlayStation Visa Credit cardholders can earn a $75 free game after card activation and spend $500 on non-PlayStation® and Sony purchases within 60 days of account opening. When you use your PlayStation Credit Card within the first 60 days, you’ll also receive a $50 PlayStation™Store code for purchases.

Unlike other cards for gamers like ugami, this card is only really worth it if you only play PlayStation, as you can only redeem and purchase from their store.


As we have already mentioned, debit cards for gamers are the best option to make purchases of your favorite video games without affecting your finances, in addition to their rewards programs that allow you to win prizes just for continuing to play or buying new games. Of course, always choose the card that best suits your needs.

For us, the favorite is Ugami due to its rewards, ease of use, design, and rewards. Remember that you can purchase the Ugami card for gamers for FREE. or also, if you prefer, you can switch to the improved version (with more and better benefits) for only $9.99 dollars per month.

And you, do you already have your card for gamers? Tell us in the comments!




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