Do You Plan to Start Cosplay? Here are Some Tips to be a Good Cosplayer

Cosplayers are very common characters in the comics and anime conventions. It’s about fanatics who make outfits and behave like the characters during the convention. If there are good cosplayers you will see that the atmosphere is cheerful and very colorful, and you will be able to get amazing photographs that feature many of your favorite characters, even from different series and publishers, from Batman and Spider-Man to Goku and the Eldric brothers of Fullmetal Alchemist. 
Do you want to know some practical tips to make a good cosplay? Here we tell you.

Originality and simplicity

Choose your character carefully. You will not achieve much impact if you go dressed in Naruto or L. Today these characters are usually seen between 10 and 15 times in small events, so do not talk if you go to a large convention. Anyway, choose characters that you like, and if in the end you end up choosing a very popular one, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and make an effort to portray the character correctly. It is also not convenient to choose very complicated characters full of details. If it is your first cosplay, it is best to select a direct character, without too many complications. That way you can concentrate on a good representation and the general appearance of your character.

Set a deadline

If for your deadline the cosplay is not ready, it is better to prepare it better for the next event. Otherwise you will attend with a characterization half done and that is never well received. A first level cosplayer knows when his suit is ready and when he needs a little extra work.

Choose a character that looks like you

A good cosplay will usually be a character with whom you share some elements of the visual aspect. It does not help to make an extremely fat character if we are weak or vice versa. Choose carefully the character you want to represent, that way your cosplay will make a bigger impression when you enter the event.

Draw pictures to have the complete costume

It is important to make sketches and drawings so that our suit has all the details and you will not forget any. The emotion often makes us wrong or forget some important detail, so it is advisable to make sketches of the different parts of the suit so that nothing important is missing when designing the costume we are going to make.

Practice poses

In addition to the costume, a very important element in a good cosplay are the poses and attitudes of the character. Practice so that your behaviors are similar to those of the character you want to interpret, so the effect of your cosplay will be more surprising.

To become a cosplayer, you often have to spend quite a bit of money. If you want to save on makeup, picking used clothes in the online market can be an option.




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