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Tuck: The All In One Blanket

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An all-in-one one blanket made of high quality soft fabric to keep you warm at night especially your feet. It can transform into a cozy cloak when you need to get up for breakfast or your early-morning session at the computer. When you are done, fold it into a stylish pillow. Apart from the pocket for your feet, Tuck is also equipped with pockets for your phone when you are not in the bed.

It is a perfect gift for donation to the homeless, and Tuck organization would gladly partner with you in your drive for the needy. If you choose to Give-A-Tuck, they will send your Tuck in a carry bag.

Tuck is machine washable/dryable with mild detergent, and can be dried in your dryer on low heat and no fabric softener. It will cost you $37.

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