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SockDock – The Sock Organizer

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It’s always a hectic exercise to sort clothes after each laundry. In my family it is a pain in the neck to sort and match socks with all those different sizes, colors and designs. SockDock is the perfect accessory that can make life for my wife easy. It can hold matching socks and can be tossed in the washer, dryer and then stored in the closet without fear of losing or mismatching socks. A set includes two SockDocks; one for dirty and the other for clean socks. Start putting your dirty socks in the sliders as soon as you take them off. Once fully loaded throw it into the washer, dry them and then hang in the closet.

As a first lesson in laundry organization I am thinking of putting one set in each kid’s room. A set costs only $16, and comes in assorted colors’.

Buy it: $15.88

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