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RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk/Cart/Stand with Adjustable Tabletop and Footrest Computer Table

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Keeping our laptop with us at all times is what working means to us these days. You can either place it on your lap, on a table or even any platform that allows you to work. However, apart from your lap, rest other platforms aren’t portable and convenient at all times. You cannot carry a table or a platform wherever you want to sit and work.

If you are looking for a laptop table that can let you move around effortlessly, here is one of the most useful evolutions of laptop desks so far. This compact desk/cart/stand comes with features that will surprise you! Imagine the ease of using your laptop anywhere in the house, without sitting uncomfortably. And yes, you can also pull this desk easily without pain, as it comes with wheels!

RoomyRoc laptop desk comes with easy-to-move portability. It allows you to tweak the dimensions as per your convenience. Adjusting the height of the desk or pulling it towards yourself is totally stress-free. If you love to watch the sceneries, just grab a cup of coffee and drag the desk near the window or your balcony. Work while enjoying the scenery or the pleasant weather.

The table top is easy to tilt and move, and can be swivelled 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees to serve your position preference, angle and chair height. Tilting the table doesn’t let the objects fall as it comes with an edge-stopper, to prevent accidental slip.

The comfort of the footrest is the best feature of this particular laptop desk. Yes, you read it right! RoomyRoc laptop desk comes with a really relaxing footrest. It provides you with a comfortable frame to support your feet while you work on your laptop. Also, the footrest swivels 360 degrees, and the height can be adjusted with a seamless quick-release button. You can utilize the footrest as a knee rest too if you are tired standing.

The quality of the product is just amazing. The table top is scratch resistant, and the movement is quite easy with just a press of a button. The wheels come with a locking caster; hence, you won’t have to worry about the wheels sliding with a slight push. You can also utilise this product to carry your heavy items from one room to another; be it at home or work! What more, the wheels don’t hurt your carpet!

The RoomyRoc desk/cart/stand is for multipurpose. You don’t have to limit this amazing little furniture for just your laptop. It has enough space that you can use for other purposes too. It can hold up to a good amount of weight and you’d be really surprised to know that you can assemble the product yourself without any hassle.

Buy one of these today, and you won’t regret a single dollar you spent on it. Plus, working will never be the same experience for you with your very own RoomyRoc desk.

Photo Credit: https://www.amazon.ca/RoomyRoc-Adjustable-Tabletop-Footrest-Computer/dp/B072PQ6YBS

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