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PanGogh Pancake Art Griddle

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Props to the wittiest name of a product ever. This pancake griddle is a great way to start your day off with a burst of color and wonder. You can create your very own pancake art and feel like a chef with this pancake art griddle.

Making breakfast every day is an extremely boring activity, usually designed to one of the parents. Make it fun and interesting for the whole family by buying this fun product. YouTube is filled with people trying their hand at drawing different designs on their pancakes. Pancake art seems to have taken the world by storm. From Rick and Morty to portraits of famous people, Funko characters to various animals, pancake artists are getting famous because of simply being able to draw a pancake design. Why should you hold your kids away from all the fun? This can be a great way to get your kids involved in the cooking process, to explain to them how pancakes are made, and then let them experiment on their own. This griddle is extremely safe for the whole family to use.

This product will come with everything you need to create your own pancake art right at home, including a template on which you can easily draw and four squeezy bottles that you can fill up with colored pancake batter and simply squeeze and use like a ketchup bottle. Two of the bottles will be fine-tipped whereas two will be normal-tipped batter bottles.

The griddle is a white-colored, Teflon nonstick cooking surface that is four-sided, and comes with a cool touch surround that keeps your kids safe when they are attempting to unleash their inner artist. If you or your kids aren’t a fan of pancakes, that’s quite fine too. This griddle can be used for a wide variety of breakfast dishes, such as french toast, eggs, cottage fries, and even a yummy grilled cheese sandwich.

All you have to do is buy ready-to-make pancake batter from the grocery store, prepare it in separate bowls, and use standard edible food coloring to give each bowl of batter a different color. Then, simply draw your pancake art design using one of the easy to follow templates provided with the griddle, flip it once and then peel off the template. And voila! You are ready to share your creation with the world.

The griddle and templates are completely immersible and dishwasher-friendly making them an even better convenience than using standard pans that may or may not be dishwasher-friendly. Easy to clean and easy to use, this product is available almost everywhere, from Walmart to Amazon.

Photo Credit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Presto-PanGogh-Pancake-Art-Griddle-/142932481392

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