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Ipad mini vs Ipad Standard

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If you are considering making a purchase in the tablet market, it’s very likely that you have looked at the Apple iPad. Ipads are one of the premier tablets on the market and they were one of the first commercial tablets that saw worldwide appeal. The Apple iPad comes in a mini version as well as a full version. There’s also a lightweight air version but for the purposes of this comparison we will be looking at the regular and mini ipad.

The Ipad Mini

The Ipad Mini comes with many of the same hardware features that you would get on a typical iPad. The only drawbacks come with screen size as well as a slight difference in processing power. The iPad Mini also does not allow for as larger storage capacity as is available on the typical ipad. Another big improvement with the iPad mini comes with portability and cost savings. It is one of the least expensive iPad devices to purchase on the market today and it easily fits in most handbags or carry-on luggage. The full size ipad can be a bit larger and not as portable for taking away to the office or in a small bag.

The Ipad

The Ipad comes with improved processing power over the iPad mini. This can often present an advantage when you are using particularly demanding applications. The larger screen also ensures that you can see any application or film in a much easier process. The regular iPad is a much better experience especially for mobile gaming or for displaying any type of video content.

The storage capacity can also be increased to a much larger rate on the ipad and the resolution can be improved with the larger display. The only drawback to the full-sized iPad is that you will have to pay up to an extra $200 to access the processing power and resolution capabilities.

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