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Avani – The Future of Eco-Friendly and Anti-Plastic Products

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Our planet Earth is already wrecked enough through the global warming issues and more. But this plastic effect is something that should be eradicated as soon as possible. Even government insists on it. So to lend a hand on making that happen, AVANI has been the manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic bags from the year 2014 that would save our world from any more destruction.

They believe in making the world a better place and they have made it a better place through their products. Their products include eco-friendly plastic bags, bio wooden cutlery, anti-plastic straws, and tumblers. The plastic has its upper hand on the food serving industry and those are the products that go to the waste within one use. So AVANI as introduced radical thinking in this product by making it with extracts that would serve to be a fertilizer for the soil when decomposed.

Irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable products like plastic have put the overall ecosystem on Earth at risk. Through the products of AVANI, the planet is saved from one of the dangers and people also have a chance at getting back to their routine without any struggle. Have you heard of a biodegradable raincoat that would serve to be rich manure for the soil when disposed of? Well, AVANI’s brainchild is the Bio-Poncho. You can wear it all you want and dispose of it to contribute to the soil as a means of fertilizer.

So as the plastics have been banned and banished completely or would be in a while, it would be a cautious move to switch to the practice of eco-friendly food serving accessories to be on the safer side. But the wiser choice would be making use of AVANI’s products to have the best at it. So if you are wondering what you have been of no help to the environment, and then try out AVANI’s products.

Photo Credit: https://www.avanieco.com/portfolio-item/bio-poncho/

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