Could Business People Benefit From Holding Out for the iPhone 12?

Potentially being released this Autumn, the iPhone 12 has got people talking. It has been teased, leaked, delayed, and relentlessly riddled with rumours. Depending on where you get your tech rumours, this could be the best iPhone yet… or the worst.

The rumoured specs look pretty good: an A14 processor, 5.4in/6.1in OLED Super Retina display, 4GB RAM, 64/128/256GB Storage, 5G and Dual-lens rear camera. However, is all of this really necessary for a phone being used for business purposes? Could business people benefit from holding out for the iPhone 12, or is it best we stick with what we have got?

Phones are everywhere

In today’s society, phones are everything and everywhere. They are your alarm clock, your calendar, your camera. They play music, videos and games. They show you your emails, remind you about your deadlines, call your clients, and help you calculate costs. They even allow you to look at important documents and browse the internet on the go.

According to Ofcom, in the UK there was 85.5 million active mobile subscriptions by the end of 2019, and voice call minutes increased by 1.5 billion from the previous year. With this year meaning a lot of people have been working from home with their own technology, we can only imagine how these numbers have been affected.

Your tariff matters

Technology has become incredibly important this year, more than ever, with many business people only being able to contact their colleagues and customers through their phone or laptop. With this in mind, potentially it could benefit business people to upgrade to the iPhone 12 once it arrives.

However, one thing that needs to be considered is your tariff. Especially with the upfront costs of upgrading or getting a new phone, mobile phone tariffs can be expensive. Linking this phone up to your company’s infrastructure can be complicated, so it is important to find the right tariff and the right company which can be tailored to your needs.

Business mobile service

For businesses, this would be mobile services that focus on customer service and businesses only such as Voice, Data And Mobile Services By Gamma. By focussing on businesses, Gamma is able to deliver solutions and flexible tariffs that suit you as a business person or an entire company.

Gamma offers many different bundles with optional bolt-ons, and the opportunity to create a bespoke package that fits your specific needs. With fixed voice services, you can even keep your old number, easily integrate you phone into your company’s infrastructure, and receive a professional voicemail that will turn any phone into a business phone.

In the end, the phone you get does not matter if you do not have the right tariff. If you hold out for the new iPhone, or stick to your trusty existing device, make sure your package suits you. More often than not, people secure the latest ‘and greatest’ iPhone just for the privilege of being able to say that they have it, and not because it’s any better than the previous models.




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