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Sexy Laura Craft Cosplay

sexy laura craft cosplay

Growing up as a teenage male in the late 90’s guarantees you’ve played many hours of the Tomb Raider video game not only for the gameplay but also to just enjoy looking at Laura Craft from every angle imaginable.  I’m sure you also tried the naked Laura Craft hack/cheat to get a real good look at Miss Craft’s “assets”, I don’t know if that cheat really existed because I never did get it to work.

To fulfill your adolescent fantasies of Laura Craft, we present you this really sexy Laura Craft cosplay by Dayna Baby Lou.  This is by far the hottest cosplay I’ve written about here at Geek Extreme; hopefully this won’t be the last.  I don’t really have much to say, use your imagination and wipe that drool off your keyboard.  Hit the jump for more pictures of sexy Laura Craft cosplay.

Hot Laura Craft Cosplay Pictures

super hot laura craft cosplay

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