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Get That Geeky Lingerie You Never Knew About

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Women have a variety to choose from when it comes to buying underwear as they are in different colors, designs, materials shapes. Women will buy lingerie every day as they love the feeling that comes with having sexy underwear beneath their clothes or even when they are going to bed. There are different types of lingerie in the market nowadays having different themes. Men are fascinated with women who wear crazy lingerie.

With the increasing demand in stylish lingerie, designers are making lingerie in fancy and crazy ways. Some of this lingerie is:

1. Mardi Gras Teddy- this lingerie has a theme of the parade. It features a tie side or halter tie back with an open bust and it is decorated with colorful fringes and rhinestone Fleur De Lis. Get this type of lingerie at www.3wishes.com for that wild, fun and festive lingerie which can be combed with Mardi Gras Jewelry and masks.

2. GPS lingerie- are you worried that your partner is cheating or even you just to know of her whereabouts? Then this is the type of lingerie to get as it is installed with GPS. You can receive the exact location she is in, her temperature and heart rate. They use a safe technology to ensure maximum protection for the wearer. The lingerie line has been christened “find me if you can” features a lacy bodice and a bikini bottom. However, there have been protests from feminists, but the designer says that are designed with an aim of it being a lifesaver, as a safety device while out at night. www.forgetmenotpanties.com.

3. Animal and fairy tales inspired lingerie- for those who love animals, and then this can be a way of embracing them more. These types of lingerie are designed to resemble certain animals and consist of a bra and a short. There are also types of lingerie with fairy tale themes such as Cinderella, Snow White or even little mermaid. You’ll find all of these and many more right here.

4. The holiday-themed lingerie- we all love the holidays because of the fun they bring about. Having holiday-themed lingerie makes it more fun especially if it is naughty. The unwrap me satin bow teddy makes you appear as a sexy present. The features are a front satin bow and a strappy thong back, which come in different sizes and colors. You’ll find tons of this at Yandy.

5. The playsuit lingerie- most lingerie are made of material regardless of how much of it is used. This type of lingerie has no material at all; rather it is made of draping chains. However, they can be unflattering on some body types and can also be hazardous. Get this at www.agentprovocateur.com

6. Male thong- You only thought that the thong was for women, you got it wrong. There are now thongs for men in the market. A number of men have become bold enough and are now wearing thongs. They look and feel like female lingerie at the back, but on the front, they have a pouch. There are different types of male thong being designed and the pouch is in different colors, materials, designs, floral or prints. You don’t have to shop at a women’s store, visit www.lingeriediva.com for more male lingerie options.

Whatever crazy theme or design that you will want to get for your lingerie, then they are available. Be bolder and be spontaneous in choosing your lingerie for those fun and crazy moments.

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