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WordPress 2.9.2 Security Upgrade

This one seems rather minor, but could be an issue for some sites.  WordPress 2.9.2 fixes a problem with registered users being able to “peek” into your trash.  Nothing I’ll be getting my panties bunched up over, but since the upgrade process is like 2 clicks and a password, just do it! 😉

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iPad Beta

Centercode, the guys behind OnlineBeta.com, have just announced a new community: iPadBeta.com.

iPad Beta

We’re pleased to announce iPadBeta.com, a new unique user community being offered by Centercode.  Unlike other communities we’ve announced in the past which use our software, iPadBeta.com is owned by Centercode and will act as a sister community to OnlineBeta.com, but focused specifically on the Apple mobile platform

Very similar to the OnlineBeta.com project, iPadBeta will allow users to sign up to test new iPad/iPhone/iTouch apps.  The site allows users to chat about the new product in forums, create problem reports and submit bug reports.

App developers will  have FREE access to a wealth of knowledge and, what I’m sure will be, a huge tester community.

App Developers are each given their own private projects which include bug and feature tracking, custom surveys, discussion forums, custom wikis, build distribution, tester participation monitoring, reporting, and much more.  iPadBeta.com will also recruit App Testers matching the Developers market; or they can invite their own friends and customers. Developers will also have access to market research materials on the App market, as well as the ability to request custom research.  These services are all offered at no cost, with no ads.

Head on over to iPadBeta and join in!

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Hey all — New version of WordPress has been released.  Just about three weeks after the release of WordPress 2.9, version 2.9.1 hits the street with several bug fixes.

Many believed that the release of 2.9 was a bit premature after tons of users reported issues related to CURL (curl_setopt() to be specific) and several other issues, so the dev team took a few weeks to get these fixes tested in the form of a beta and RC1 version before finally releasing it as a final.  We’ve been testing the updates on several sites and they have in fact fixed all of the problems we were seeing.

Grab your upgrade at WordPress.org or use your auto-update feature (after backing up your database, of course).

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Google Dashboard

Yesterday, Google announced Dashboard, a one stop information center that helps you keep track of all the Google products attached to your Google account.  Although it doesn’t seem like a really big deal, it really does a great job of centralizing the management of 20 Google products that you might have even forgotten you’ve signed up for.

They’ve included this snazzy little video to tell you all about it.


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WordPress 2.8.5 Update

The fine folks over at WordPress just released what they’re calling a “hardening” upgrade.  Version 2.8.5 doesn’t have any new features, just some code improvements to make sure you’re WP site stays safe…

As you know over the past couple of months we have been working on the new features for WordPress 2.9. We have also been working on trying to make WordPress as secure as possible and during this process we have identified a number of security hardening changes that we thought were worth back-porting to the 2.8 branch so as to get these improvements out there and make all your sites as secure as possible.

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Broadband Access to be a Legal Right in Finland

The government that had already decided to make a 100mbit connection a legal right by 2015 took an intermediary step and passed a law that gives every Finnish citizen the the right to 1mbit broadband access by next July.  This is really great news for me since I’ve been looking for a new country.

Finnland 1mbit Internet Access A Legal Right

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facebook_logoPolice in Hendersonville, TN arrested 36 year old Shannon Jackson for “poking” someone on Facebook.  Seems the poke violated a protection order the pokee had against Ms. Jackson.

This isn’t the first time the use of Facebook has led to an arrest;  Earlier this month in Italy, a burglar got busted because he logged into Facebook during the crime.

[via Telegraph]

Live: Moon Bombing!


NASA TV will broadcast live coverage of the LCROSS impacts with expert commentary 3:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. PDT on Friday, Oct. 9, and also broadcast a post-impact news conference a few hours after impact.

You can get NASA TV here.

So, what happens if they drop the bomb on the moon and it just, like, splits in half?  Does earths gravitational field get all screwy?  And then we die?  Really hope that doesn’t happen.

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