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Mobile applications consume most of the time that individuals spend on their phones. TechCrunch recently reported that consumers spend up to five hours per day on their mobile devices, and more than half of that time is spent on apps used for online banking, checking social media, playing games, tracking their nutrition, monitoring their health, and so much more.

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2019 will be bring many technological advancements, but what might be the most exciting is the development of a fifth generation mobile network. Mobile networks have come a long way since the first generation, which only carried analog audio waves. 5G will use higher frequency radio waves, which will make network much faster. The capacity of a 5G network will open up many possibilities, leading to technological advancements that may end up being truly revolutionary. Read More →

4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash

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The average American spends about 3 hours on their mobile device each day. If you are an app developer or tech entrepreneur, finding a way to attract these mobile users is a top priority.  Read More →

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In the age of the mobile smart phone, we’ve all probably sent out that text that we didn’t intend on sending. Or even if we did, sometimes we end up regretting it whether it was in anger, lust, excitement, or whatever mood you were feeling. But once you hit the send button, that’s it and the message has been received by the other person. But what if you could cancel that text after you’ve hit the send button? Read More →

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Hily is an online dating website; one of the many on the market today. Hily stands out from other dating sites in a subtle yet potent manner. If you have ever been frustrated by the concept of paywalls or limited features (such as the limited “likes” in Tinder), then Hily will pleasantly surprise you. Like Tinder, Hily has this concept of “likes” and “mutual likes” and they are not limited by Hily. It means that you can “like” as many profiles you want without having to, pay for them or wait for the “likes” to replenish. This is one of the many ways in which Hily sets itself apart from the hoi polloi of dating websites out there. Many reviews and walkthroughs of the Hily website have already been written so this review is going to be mostly about the recently-released Hily app which has become popular right from the start. Read More →

Why get a Samsung instead of an iPhone?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets overwhelmed when walking into a smartphone shop these days. There’s so much cool hardware to choose from. So, if you’re up for your next upgrade and on a pretty upscale budget, what phone should you get off the shelves? Should you buy the latest Samsung Android phone, or let your money do the talking with the iPhone 8? In this article, I’ll be taking you through all the reasons to choose a Samsung over an iPhone.

First, let’s talk hardware

iPhones are great phones, make no mistake, but sometimes android phones just leave them in the dust if we’re honest. When any friend of mine walks around with an iPhone, it looks cool. But the problem is, so does every other iPhone.

Apple usually does a good job updating the inside of their phones that they forget the outside. If you’re looking for a suave, easy-to-handle phone, just go for a Samsung. These phones are sleek, and the new standard curved edge sides just makes them even sleeker. Comparing the looks of the Samsung and the iPhone, Samsung wins.

Good looking selfies are another reason to choose Samsung over iPhones. While the latest iPhones (7 and 8) do a decent job under the right lighting, the Galaxy Note 8’s is a way better option for those who are seriously into photography. Its 12MP camera is impressive on its own, but more so when coupled with the dual cam and zooming lenses features. You don’t need as many add-ons to get everything looking fantastic with Samsung as with the iPhone.

The Software

Samsung is a Google Android-operated phone, which means that it has a wider memory when expanded than the non-expandable memory iPhone. It’s also great for sharing apps between phones, which the iPhone ecosystem can’t allow you to do. So, the next time you think about buying a smartphone, think of all the features and apps you’ll miss out on with the iPhone and get yourself a Samsung instead. It looks, feels and works better.

Android vs. iPhone: Which should you choose?

You’re ready for your latest upgrade. Now it’s time to think about which smartphone to get. So, are you worried about the price, the performance, the hardware or the software? Do you mins a closed wall ecosystem? These are some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself before getting into the decades-old debate over which is better: Android or iPhone?

Android vs. iPhone: When is the iPhone better?

You’ve probably seen so many articles delineating all the pros and cons of Android phones and iPhones, but never really answering those burning questions. Let’s go through when to get the iPhone, just to make it easier for you to make up your mind.

So, when is an iPhone a better option for you? Number one, when you’re the sort of person who’s not that worried about the budget. After all, the cheapest iPhones go for about $300 while you can get Android phones for even $50.

Similarly, if you’re really cautious about your phone’s safety, having an iPhone comes in handy. The sensors on this phone are legendary, and with only the Apple store to get apps from, chances of your phone contracting malware are drastically low. iPhones are also great when you have other Apple products like the HomePod to pair with, and when you’re looking for a prestigious piece with the best overall performance.

When are Android Phones better?

Having an Android phone is not only budget friendly, but also a great investment. For a few hundred dollars less than the iPhone, you get a well-performing phone without the 128GB storage limitation that even the best iPhone comes equipped with.

The other, more crucial reason for getting an Android phone is for the personalization quality. Android phones are open code, so you can customize them however you want. You’d have to make do with less technical support and stronger antivirus than the iPhone, however, so think about that before you buy one.

See, choosing between an Android and iPhone depends on where your priorities lie. Next time you’re hunting, choose wisely.

iPhone 8: What to Expect

Where are all the die-hard iPhone fans? This article is for you (well, you and anyone else who’s out for a new smartphone). After months of waiting for the iPhone 8, you can finally go out and get one today. So, what’s new with the iPhone 8? Here are six of this phone’s latest system upgrades. We’ve compiled them just to let you know what you’re in for with this latest flagship from Apple.

A Delicate Frame

Previous iPhone models all had aluminum backs. The iPhone 8, however, has a thicker glass back covering that makes the phone not only heavier than the iPhone 7, but also more capable: the glass cover makes the phone able to charge wirelessly. However, it’s bad news for those who like a little extra protection on their phones.

Water and Dust Resistance

Like other iPhones before it, the iPhone 8 is water and dust resistant. The model shares IP67 resistance with the iPhone 7.

Awesome Speakers

The iPhone 8 produces louder, more refined and all-round better sound quality than anything else you’ll find on the market (that is, if the iPhone 8+ and iPhone X are out of the running).

Color Balancing

Apple phones have always had great visual capabilities, and the iPhone 8 is no exception. Equipped with Apple’s proprietary color balancing feature, this phone will ensure users always have a great photography experience, even under the worst lighting conditions.

Faster, Smarter Performance

A faster chipset. 3GB RAM. More processing power. With the iPhone 8, Apple has combined all these features for the ultimate phone speed performance. The iPhone 8 performs 25% better than the previous 7 model while active, and 70% better while in idle mode.

No Dual Cam

For the first time, an iPhone will not have a dual cam. However, the better ISP in the iPhone 8 makes up for that disappointment for iPhone fans and then some.