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Post image for Do These Pest Control Inventions Really Work?

Mice can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter-inch and move into your house, eating your food, leaving messy, smelling droppings and urine all over, and spreading disease. They also breed rapidly; a single pregnant mouse sneaking into your house can launch an infestation of thousands of mice. Obviously, rather than dealing with the messy consequence of an infestation, it would be better to prevent them from entering the house in the first place. There are many products and approaches that have been invented; but do any of them really work?

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Post image for The Coat Check Chair – Design meets closet Space

A unique idea that was once a student project, is now coming to life. Joey Zeledon, the artist behind this chair, worked on several projects while attending school but this was his favorite idea and he wanted to make it a reality.

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Post image for Can A Healthy Lifestyle And Long Computer Hours Mix?

Spending time on the computer can create many health problems if you overdo it. Whether for a job or for pleasure, most people spend a good number of their time in front of a computer screen or a phone in this modern age. It can be good on short doses, but we all know it will not be that short.

Gaming marathons for example can last up to a whole day – sometimes even more. Desk jobs require you to stay in front of the monitor for hours without standing and moving around. Call Center gigs can leave you seated for twelve hours or more.

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Post image for Calculating Earned Run Average by using an online calculator

ERA (Earned run average) defines the runs that have been given by a baseball pitcher in 9 innings. In a lot of cases, ERA is used to gauge the performance of a pitcher. If he has given a lot of runs, he would not be counted as a high performance player. The logic and formula to determine ERA is very simple.

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Post image for Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace with Business Technology

Technology is deemed to be a big stress factors for our mental health in the digital world we live in today. The media increases our awareness of the fact that social media and too much screen time can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

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5 Best Online Games to Play In 2019

Post image for 5 Best Online Games to Play In 2019

Online gaming has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years especially with the massively successful online game titled “Fortnite.” Since so many people are starting to become part of the online gaming community, many developers are releasing new online games every month. There are so many options out there to choose from that it can be quite confusing, in order to help you find the best online game for you, we’re going to give you our list of the 5 best online games of 2019 that you can play now. Continue reading below to see the list.

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Post image for 7 Smart Things to Do When She Doesn’t Text Back

Online dating is complicated, and it can become even more difficult when she doesn’t text back. Many men out there face the same dilemma: why did she suddenly vanish into thin air after days or weeks of pleasant conversation?

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Post image for How Often Should You Shave Your Facial Hair?

Figure 1 https://beardoholic.com/best-beard-trimmer/

Everyone loves to look good, especially in a time where aesthetic appeal is of the essence in every walk of life. As a man, it beats logic to be sharply dressed yet feature untamed facial hair. Part of the grooming for every man is to take care of their beard. Depending on your hair type, the rate at which your facial hair grows and your preferences trimming can be a regular activity. Most men are, however, still torn over what is the appropriate duration to wait before your next shave.

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