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Post image for App-Solutely Indispensable: Travel Apps that Help You Explore a City

If you’re like most 21st century travelers, you keep a range of helpful apps in your smartphone. You may have game apps and apps that play your favorite music. What about travel apps? If you plan to visit a new city, you’ll want a few of those, too. In the interest of enlightened explorations, we are pleased to tell you about a few must-have travel apps that deserve to be on your device. Read More →

Post image for Boost for E-Cigarettes as Users View them as Healthy Option

People are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes because they see them as far healthier than smoking, but also because they enjoy the variety of flavors available and can also make significant financial savings.

These views were discovered during a global survey on vaping that sought to uncover what people are thinking about the activity and why people are being attracted to it over smoking. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death around the world, and as governments try to get their citizens to stop smoking, many are opting for e-cigarettes instead. Read More →

Post image for Simple Self-Improvement Strategies for Tech Engineers

A lot of people with a love of technology end up doing a degree in engineering. But make no mistake about it, although you’ll hear about the severe shortage of engineers, it’s not necessarily the case when it comes to tech. And just because you land on your feet with a good starting job after you are qualified, it doesn’t mean you are set for life. Read More →

Post image for How is Virtual Reality Changing the Way We Buy?

Not only is virtual reality making strides in the gaming world, it is making its way to the dealership, the design studio, and even into your homes, as more automakers and construction agencies look to innovative technology to help sell, advertise and design our homes and cars. Read More →

Rules of Responsible Gun Ownership

Post image for Rules of Responsible Gun Ownership

The first priority for any gun owner should always be safety. There are many valid reasons for owning a firearm, but no matter why you may keep one (or several) in your home, it’s crucial to remember that a gun is a weapon and must be handled responsibly.

Most gun owners know the basic rules of gun usage and ownership: always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, check your surroundings, etc. However, responsible gun ownership is about taking preventative measures to ensure that dangerous situations never arise. Here are four rules of responsible ownership that all gun owners should follow. Read More →

Post image for Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds – Bug Out Bag Essential

We are living in very interesting times. In many ways, it’s a great time to be alive in terms of technological advancements and witnessing many great things. But it’s also one of the worst times to be living in with a very handful of people controlling most of the the wealth of the world and they are determined to keep it that way. I don’t know who “they” are and we’ll stay away from the conspiracies. But the future does not look too great in my opinion. Read More →

Post image for Dragging Yourself into Work? This Secret Weapon Helped Boost My Energy and Mood

Oh, wow – does it suck to be tired all the time. I’ve never been a morning person, but earlier this year, I got a great-paying job that puts me in the office bright and early. By the time the afternoon rolls around and I make it home, I’m doing good to throw together a bowl of cereal and collapse on the couch to watch TV for a while before heading to bed. Read More →

Post image for People Helping People: Our Favorite Problem-Solving Apps

Life is full of two kinds of people: those who are in search of something and those who have what those other people are searching for. From a place to park your car to a place to rest your head, the internet is bringing the two groups of people together. Here are a few of our favorite sites that allow people to help others resolve some of life’s most common problems. Read More →