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Post image for Not Cool Looking But Keeps You Cool – USB Forehead/Neck Cooler

This device is probably something I would rather not wear in public or at least on my forehead. The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is essentially a “personal cooler” that’s intended to keep you cool in hot and humid environments. You may look like a complete fool wearing it but at least you’re the one that’s nice and cool. You wear the band around your forehead, neck, back of your head, legs, etc. You can wear it anywhere as long as the bank goes around that body part. Just use your imagination! Read More →

Post image for ThermalTech – World’s First Solar Powered Jacket

It’s a real pain trying to predict the unpredictable such as ….weather. The weather forecasts are decent but not always accurate. I’m certain many people have been screwed over in the past because of these weather forecasts. In the winter months, the weather can go from cool to freezing in a matter of minutes. You can be well prepared with ThermalTech, the world’s first solar powered jacket. Read More →

Post image for Matador Pocket Blanket – Sit Anywhere You Please

How many times have you been to the beach or park and didn’t have enough dry or clean space to sit on? Or perhaps you went on a hike and wanted to take a quick break to catch your breath but didn’t feel like sitting on a wet or damp surface. The Matador Pocket Blanket can be your new best friend! Read More →

Post image for Bikinis And Managing Water Pollution? Sponge Suit Bikini

Imagine that, a bikini is being used as a tool to address pollution in our oceans. A group of engineering professors at the University of California have come up with the Sponge Suit Bikini which repels water, absorbs oils, and is designed to help filter out impurities from the water. The bikini consists of a porous material that’s created from a network of nanocarbons which originate from sugar. Read More →

Ear Plugs 2.0 – DUBS Acoustic Filters

Post image for Ear Plugs 2.0 – DUBS Acoustic Filters

The modern world is a loud place. We have aircraft, trains, trucks, construction projects of all scales, music concerts, theaters, a snoring husband/wife, the gun range, and the list goes on and on. I personally use earplugs at the movie theaters since I find them to be a bit on the loud side. I was always satisfied with the  traditional foam ear plugs but the DUBS Acoustic Filters Ear Plugs are on a completely different level. Read More →

Winter Is Coming: GOT Stark Winter Hoodie

Post image for Winter Is Coming: GOT Stark Winter Hoodie

Winter is Coming! At least in the popular book series and the even more popular “Game of Thrones” TV show by HBO. Now you can dress warm for the coming winter with the famous Stark family Game of Thrones hoodie.

The “Stark Winter Hoodie” is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and features a grey and white color theme with the famous Stark family wolf logo on the chest and back. The hood part is made out of 100% polyester and looks pretty toasty. This hoodie is sure to keep you warm in the harshest of winters, just make sure you don’t lose your head 😉 Read More →

Get Your Geek On with the Binary Watch

Post image for Get Your Geek On with the Binary Watch

The Binary Watch is the perfect way show the world your inner geek. What’s more geeky than wearing a watch that displays time on a micro controller/circuit board? In other words, those chip looking things you find in the back of electronic devices.

The Binary Watch is attached to the wrist using ribbon cable, which comes in grey, black, or multi-colored formats, the black one is $5.00 more expensive. The ribbon can be cut to make it fit your wrist properly. It should also be noted that this watch is not protected from the elements, as the exposed circuit board can easily get wet and render it useless. I also don’t know exactly how you tell time using the Binary Watch. Read More →

Savior MTS briefcase

Turn on the news and it’s very likely that there is a “Breaking News” story about a shooting somewhere across America. You never know when some crazy situation is going to unfold before your eyes and you just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Citizens of America get injured or killed everyday by gun crime and the Savior Multi-Threat Shield briefcase wants to do something about it. Read More →