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Is The Fashion Industry Worth Your Investment?

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Are you thinking of establishing a business this year? If yes, then one of the industries that you might be considering right now is the fashion industry.

Unlike before, being fashionable is more important and one of the reasons might be because we are more connected to each other now. Hundreds of people can see what you are wearing just by logging on to their social media accounts.  Read More →

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I don’t know if I had a “Sensory Processing Disorder” when growing up and my parents probably assumed that I was simply a strange child. There are certain things that still bug the crap out of me like getting my neck wet. I absolutely cannot stand having a wet neck! Is this normal? And getting my feet wet when wearing socks is another traumatizing event from my point of view. Maybe I still need to grow out of it? Living in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, BC, rain and wet conditions are a normal part of life. I try to avoid spending too much time in the rain but once in a while, I have no choice but to spend extended periods of time in wet conditions. Since I’m not a fan of rain boots, I believe that I may have found the perfect product for avoiding wet feet. The Crosspoint Waterproof Crew Socks by Shower Pass are designed to keep your feet dry even if you’re standing in still water just in your socks! Read More →

Cult Clothing – 3 Extreme Collectors

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There’s something thrilling about being a niche collector that outsiders just don’t understand.

Collecting is a cash-generating enterprise for some hoarders — while others embrace the sheer thrill of owning an item that’s completely unique and coveted. Read More →

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Jon Snow approved and thoroughly tested by the Wildlings, this heated hoodie is the perfect companion for the upcoming winter. Jackets are overrated and can be way too bulky. These hoodies are stylish, unisex, and of course – heated. Read More →

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I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses for as long as I can remember. Every year, it’s been the same old routine. I call up my eye doctor and schedule an exam. I leave work early and head in for my appointment. They do a checkup and I get a prescription for glasses, but much to my frustration, it’s an extra charge to get examined for contact lenses. Read More →

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Ideally, bracelets are meant for beauty, hence made to give an aesthetic appeal that suits the target users. With new technology, everything is slowly turning into something else. In the recent years, you could have seen bracelets that transforms into rulers, sunglasses, others filled with additional ammo for your gun as well as those can be used as a flask. Innovations mean more integration to make the pieces more useful and give you the convenience that you need. However, nothing shows that the jewel carries more than a common jewelry other than for improved elegance. Read More →

Stay warm with the Ororo Heated Hoodie

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You cannot spend all your time at home. A time comes when you cannot put up with extremely cold temperatures. If the weather forecasts were right, you might have carried some hoods to keep you warm. Is your hood sufficient to keep you warm for 6 hours? Most tend to expose you after a few minutes of warmth, making you shiver all day or night. If the weather goes against your expectations, you could be dressed to suffer. Read More →

The Art of Accessorising

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Fashion is a funny thing, it changes like the wind and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with new trends and concepts. Fashion accessories are also important as they complement the outfit, and if you’re somewhat at a loss regarding accessories, here are some ideas to inspire you. Read More →