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Jon Snow approved and thoroughly tested by the Wildlings, this heated hoodie is the perfect companion for the upcoming winter. Jackets are overrated and can be way too bulky. These hoodies are stylish, unisex, and of course – heated. Read More →

Post image for How I Finally Stopped Being Price Gouged for Contact Lenses

I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses for as long as I can remember. Every year, it’s been the same old routine. I call up my eye doctor and schedule an exam. I leave work early and head in for my appointment. They do a checkup and I get a prescription for glasses, but much to my frustration, it’s an extra charge to get examined for contact lenses. Read More →

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Ideally, bracelets are meant for beauty, hence made to give an aesthetic appeal that suits the target users. With new technology, everything is slowly turning into something else. In the recent years, you could have seen bracelets that transforms into rulers, sunglasses, others filled with additional ammo for your gun as well as those can be used as a flask. Innovations mean more integration to make the pieces more useful and give you the convenience that you need. However, nothing shows that the jewel carries more than a common jewelry other than for improved elegance. Read More →

Stay warm with the Ororo Heated Hoodie

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You cannot spend all your time at home. A time comes when you cannot put up with extremely cold temperatures. If the weather forecasts were right, you might have carried some hoods to keep you warm. Is your hood sufficient to keep you warm for 6 hours? Most tend to expose you after a few minutes of warmth, making you shiver all day or night. If the weather goes against your expectations, you could be dressed to suffer. Read More →

The Art of Accessorising

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Fashion is a funny thing, it changes like the wind and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with new trends and concepts. Fashion accessories are also important as they complement the outfit, and if you’re somewhat at a loss regarding accessories, here are some ideas to inspire you. Read More →

Apple Inspired Design: The iNecklace

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The iNecklace open-source wearable electronic pendant is the perfect gift for an Apple fan, not only does it look cool from a technology point of view, it also looks like a pretty nice piece of jewellery.  It would make a perfect gift for that geeky girlfriend that you don’t know what to get.

The pendent features the famous Apple “breathing” LED light pattern that can also be programmed to light up with different patterns because, as the name would suggest, it uses open-source code.  All the files, schematics, and the source code are available for free at GitHub. Read More →

Shark Opener Necklace

CXXVI-Shark-Opener-NecklaceA great addition to any geek’s wardrobe, the Shark Opener Necklace is not only fashionable but also functional; the mouth of the shark can actually be used to open bottles.  Just like real life sharks, these necklaces are deadly, if you happen to be a bottle. Read More →

Officially Licensed Star Wars Hoodies

Star-Wars-HoodiesIf you’re a star wars fan (or were ever a kid), chances are you’ve dressed up as one of your favorite characters from the iconic movie franchise, at least once in your life.  To make that dress-up process a little easier, now you have a few more items you can choose from with the cool looking officially licensed Star Wars Hoodies.

You get three choices: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or Storm Trooper.  Each hoodie is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and they come in a variety of sizes from Medium to XXL and are priced fairly at $49.99 each.  One of the cooler features of the Star Wars hoodies is the ability to zip up the front of the hoods which have meshed holes for the eyes.  This makes the costume looks realistic and also provides protection from the cold weather or if you plan on attending a riot, you don’t need to worry about using a bandana to hide your face. Read More →