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Are Old School Car Audio Components Worth It?

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If one were to study the timeline of Car Audio Systems, it would look somewhat like this –

  • Monophonic AM
  • Motorola Dashboard Radio
  • The FM i.e. the two-way Radio
  • The Cassette Player (Mono/Stereo)
  • The CD player
  • The Digital Audio Player (Non-supportive of the iPhone aux)
  • Digital Audio players that are supportive of the iPhone aux but leave out the Android Users

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How to Make the Most of Your Motorcycle

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As a motorcycle owner, you should be looking at how you can make the most of your ride. It is important that you look at how you can maximise the motorbike in your life, and use it to get the best possible outcome. Think about your ride like a car, and treat it with the same level of respect and love that you would treat its 4-wheeled compatriot. If you look after your motorcycle, you will reap the rewards of this in the future. Read More →

Top 3 Hi-Tech vacuums

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Many vacuums today are produced with extra technology that can often improve the way that they function, lighten them considerably for use and make sure that they have some extra cleaning power on board. If you are looking for some of the best vacuums on the market today, here are some of the top three high-tech vacuums that you can consider for use: Read More →

Ipad mini vs Ipad Standard

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If you are considering making a purchase in the tablet market, it’s very likely that you have looked at the Apple iPad. Ipads are one of the premier tablets on the market and they were one of the first commercial tablets that saw worldwide appeal. The Apple iPad comes in a mini version as well as a full version. There’s also a lightweight air version but for the purposes of this comparison we will be looking at the regular and mini ipad. Read More →

Should you invest in an air purifier?

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Many people worldwide are investing in air purifiers for their home to remove dust and toxins from the air and to improve their indoor air quality. An air purifier can work to remove items like dust, pollen, smoke and more. If you are thinking about investing in an air purifier it’s important to consider some of the big benefits that you can receive by having an air purifier inside your home: Read More →

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If you’ve seen someone using a standing desk, you may wonder why they prefer to be on their feet rather than in the comfort of a chair. However, many people are realizing the benefits of standing desks, and it may be a major improvement in your health if you switch over to one. If you are tired of the sedentary lifestyle that comes with sitting in a chair all day, here are some reasons you may want to get a standing desk.  Read More →

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There are many different reasons why a person might want a website. You might want to show off your portfolio or work, might want to sell a product or might want to share your thoughts with the world in the form of a blog. But whatever the reason for creating your website, everyone has the same goal in mind, which is to have people visit their website.  Read More →

The basics of motorcycle fairing speakers

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If you own a motorcycle and you are curious to find out a bit more about motorbike fairing speakers, we’re here to give you a hand. We know that choosing the right one can be very challenging nowadays, given the many alternatives available for sale out there. As their name suggests, fairing speakers are in essence, speakers, which practically means that they will allow you to listen to music without using earpieces. Nifty, right? Read More →