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Why your nighttime routine is the key to having a productive day

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Waking up in the morning is something that most of us don’t really look forward to. With waking up comes the rigamarole of getting ready for work, wrangling the kids out the door for school, or worst of all being forced to stop scrolling through Instagram! I am not immune to this. I am a night owl. All day every day. Pre-sunrise isn’t an option for me, like ever. The only times I have seen the sunrise are when I have been up all night because I was too busy having deep intense conversations or dancing around a bonfire to the drums.

Irrespective of my super late night partying days I find that I have a ton more energy and i’m waaayyyy more creative after like 2:30PM. That being said bedtime is still something like midnight-ish for me and my spouse and I can’t tell you how many times I find myself closing in on bedtime and feel as though I have done nothing. This feeling has driven me to some really interesting behaviors. I have had 2am bathroom cleaning sessions which have felt good enough once completed but miserable the next morning when I needed to get up for work.

Last year I turned 30 and with that came the existential dread of my own mortality. Which was enough to spur me to create a routine for self-care. This self-care routine is comprised of some seriously basic stuff. Like tooth-brushing, face-washing, and moisturizing. The most interesting thing I have used though is setting out my clothes and prepping morning coffee.

With the assistance of Alexa and my amazon Echo I have been able to determine what my appointments were and what the weather would be like. This makes it incredibly easy to pick the right outfit and make sure that I present the right face to the world.

Prepping coffee is an easy way to make your morning go smoother. I grind the coffee and put a little tiny bit of kosher salt into the filter and fill the water tank. I never thought it would be such a game changer when I started doing this. Coming down the stairs to make my foam and pour coffee that is already brewed is just incredible.

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