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Why Oracle’s Cloud Tech is Above and Beyond

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As technology has developed in the last ten years, the use of “the cloud” has become increasingly important. Not only is the cloud commercially used by many companies to ensure data security and integrity as well as accessibility. However, many users do not understand what, exactly, “the cloud” is. It can be somewhat confusing for users to understand what cloud computing is and exactly how it works, given the fact it often isn’t a tangible feature.

What Is Cloud Technology?

At its core, cloud computing can be thought of as renting your storage and server space, instead of investing in physical server computers. The cloud, typically, is a remote server database that may be accessed over the internet. While there are tons of uses for the cloud on a commercial level, many companies offer retail cloud services for basic data storage. For instance, some individuals may be familiar with popular cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, or iCloud. In a sense, the cloud on a commercial level is similar – programs, files, and other data are stored remotely, instead of on a physical server located on site.

There are several different types of cloud services that are offered, from public cloud services that may be accessed by a variety of companies over a variety of networks, to private cloud services that are accessed by only one company – often providing the highest data security options.

Oracle’s Contributions to Cloud Tech

Many companies are now choosing to move to cloud-based services – simply due to the fact it provides an additional layer of security and prevents the headaches that often come with attempting to maintain on-site server systems. With cloud-based services, the individual who is receiving the services is not responsible for the upkeep of the servers and is not required to provide technology that may have to be updated regularly.

However, one of the primary concerns when it comes to moving to the cloud is data security and integrity, which many companies rightfully are concerned with. As one of the largest cloud service providers, Oracle has worked diligently to go above and beyond in revamping their cloud services, and have provided a plethora of features that far exceed the expectations of the services and far outrank services offered by their competitors.

Some services include, but are not limited to:

  • increased security and reliability: real-time monitoring allows early detection for data breaches and will ensure that information saved to the cloud is not altered by parties who are not authorized to alter data
  • increased computing speed: Oracle provides an innovative solution to cloud computing that allows isolating machine work, which will often reduce the time required to complete the transfer of data to the cloud.
  • protected investments: one of Oracle’s primary goals is to provide individuals with the peace of mind in knowing that the financial investment they are undergoing is worth it – therefore, they provide services such as remote direct memory access, allowing improved computation time.

These features are what many consider innovative and before their time – the technology provided by Oracle, along with the support and constant drive to improve, sets Oracle far above their competitors, creating new and interesting cloud solutions. Coupled with the advancements being made by Oracle is the growing array of third-party consultants available to make an Oracle transition even easier. However, when hiring an Oracle consulting firm, be sure to do you due diligence. Not all companies have the same capabilities. The dedication Oracle has provided to investing in new technology and providing companies with a range of technological solutions. With up and coming technology and advancements, Oracle is striving to stay ahead of the game and provide cloud technology solutions to a range of users.

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