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Why Is Video Marketing So Compelling?

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Ever since the rise of the internet, and especially with technological advancements in network speeds and the availability of video technology, companies have been using videos for their content marketing needs. YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the internet aside from Google, which means that there is a large user base that utilizes videos for educational search purposes. Tapping into this market can be a huge benefit to companies no matter what type of field they are in.

It is not hard to imagine why content video marketing is on the rise. The video is an easy-to-digest quick format that is more passive than the overabundant text information available everywhere around us. It is a versatile and engaging format that is easy to share, entertaining and accessible to anyone across cultures and languages.

This being said, it is certainly important that we assess the need for content video marketing, and figure out why it is so compelling. Given below are a few reasons why:

  • Higher Engagement

Videos demand far more attention form its users as compared to written texts. Also, people are more willing to spend 3 minutes watching an interesting video than reading an article fro 3 minutes and are less likely to get distracted from watching videos. In addition to this, the users themselves are aware of how engaging videos are, and therefore are more likely to share videos over social media or with their friends and family. They may not share written articles or auditory content with as much enthusiasm.

  • Stronger Emotional Connection

It is wired into our very biology that video captures your attention better, and makes you more attuned when you see a real human face speaking with you. You are likely to relate to a person speaking to you or someone else through video as compared to simply reading text on your screen. Voice, tone, facial expressions, emotional music or body language can be a powerful tool that can capture your audience’s attention and increase the relatability of your content.

  • Improved SEO

Utilizing video in your marketing will improve your SEO significantly, and adding a video to an existing blog post will increase the chances that your post will land up on the front page of Google results by several times. However, you must be able to use it effectively so that you can harness this power the best possible way. An optimized video will capture the attention of people, and in fact, have other people market it for you if it is engaging enough.

It is difficult to tell how many times a written text was opened and read, or shared. However, with video, you can be sure that it can capture your audience’s interest enough since you can measure the click-through rates and the number of times watched by the same users. This can help you to understand what your consumer base really wants, and provide exactly that to them!

In addition, conversion rates are also the highest in video formats as compared to any other type of marketing content. This is why we believe that video marketing for your content is so compelling to all businesses these days.

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