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Ways To Make Quick Money

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Everyone could use an extra amount of pocket change. Whether it be that you are a struggling college student, or need the extra money to make ends meet, here are some creative ways to put some more money in your pocket.

Sell Your Notes/Textbooks

Any old notes that you have taken for a class, can easily be sold! There are many other students willing to pay for notes so they won’t have to take any. Also, make sure to sell any old textbooks you no longer need and are not renting.

Dog Sitting/Baby Sitting

If you love dogs or kids, this is right up your alley! There are so many people searching online for local babysitters or pet sitters. Put your on ad out there on social media or the local newspaper, and people will surely come to request your services. Another way to go about this is finding a local daycare or dog service that needs employees who can work on the go.

Sell Old Clothes

Everyone has a stash of clothes that they either can’t or won’t wear anymore. Why not sell them? There are many sites that allow you to sell belongings you no longer need. Try eBay or Mercari as platforms to sell your things. You could also use social media to attract people locally to meet up with you and sell the clothes on spot. A garage sale is also a great way to make some money, especially during the warmer months.

Cut Grass

Cutting grass is a quick way to gain a good amount of cash. Especially during the warmer months, your neighbors will be more than happy to allow you to cut their grass in the hot blazing sun.

Make YouTube Videos

If there is something you love to do, whether it is doing makeup, playing video games, or just talking, record yourself doing it! If you gain success from it, it could lead to a partnership with the company which in turn will provide an extra source of income.

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