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Video Marketing Myths Debunked

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Video marketing is considered to be one of the most successful marketing strategies when it comes to making a business successful. However, many businesses fail to believe that due to a few myths which have no truth about them.

Video marketing is not a new technique. It has been out there for years and many businesses have been using it successfully, but still some have kept distance due to some myths. Today we are going to debunk such myths.

Here are 4 video marketing myths debunked:

Video Making Is A Difficult Job

Half of the business industry turns away from applying video marketing because they think that making a video is cumbersome. They think that it is a time consuming process with a lot of difficulties waiting for them on the road which includes hiring actors, getting expensive equipment, coming up with scripts, storyboards and what not. But that’s not true.

Making videos to promote a business doesn’t need to have a Hollywood appeal to it.

A video will do wonders if you are creative and dedicated. More importantly, if you know what your customers want to see then that’s all you need to give to them through your videos.

As for the equipment, actors and other things are concerned, an iPhone and your company employees can get the job done. Moreover, you may not even need actors as videos do not necessarily need ‘actors’ in it. You can even put some creatively made slides together to make an impression.

It Is Too Costly

We spend thousand of dollars on marketing strategies but shy away from making videos and marketing them in the digital world because of some false rumors about them being too expensive.

Video marketing being an expensive activity is nothing but a myth. In fact, you save a whole lot more compared to other marketing means.

According to reports, consumers do not care for the video quality much, but the content is what matters to them. But this does not really mean you can make poor quality videos. What it means that you do not have to invest in expensive cameras and other equipment.

Videos Are Losing Their Charm

This may be the biggest myth you’ve heard among all but there’s no truth to it.

As per reports generated by Cisco, 82% of organic traffic will be driven through videos. This means that users love to watch a product video rather than reading a detailed article about it, however, written content has its own value if marketed properly.

About 55% of online users watch online videos on regular basis. This is another factor which implies that videos are one of the most desirable forms of content that users want to consume.

In fact, about 500 million hours of video  content is added to Youtube every day. That’s because video content beats almost every type of content when it comes to engagement.

These stats point at the fact that video watching is more desirable and businesses need to market their videos.

Videos Don’t Help Your Brand Grow

Another myth that keeps a large number of businesses from using video marketing is that it won’t help the business grow. Again, not true. Video marketing is the fastest tool when it comes to market content.

Reports say that 3 of the most effective video types that help to increase engagement and bring in more viewers are:

  • Customer testimonials – 51%
  • Tutorial videos – 50%
  • Demonstration videos – 49%

Moreover, videos are for every kind of business. You can turn to real estate videography if you sell properties. You have fashion videos to make if you deal with fashion items. There are no limitations.

The Verdict

These myths have restricted many businesses from gaining good profits, increase traffic, generate sales and build trust. Make sure that you don’t fall for these myths.

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