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Top 5 Gadgets for Employee Incentive Rewards Programs

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When people go to work, they tend to be driven by two things. One: they need to make money. The other driving factor that often pushes people to show up and get results is the fear of losing their jobs.

While punishing negative behavior like showing up late or not bringing in sales is one way of guiding employee behavior, it’s not the best way. Many employers miss out on a huge opportunity: encouraging positive behavior and achievements by providing incentive rewards programs.

These types of programs are incredibly flexible. They can be peer-to-peer programs in which employees recognize their colleagues, driven by behavior or sales numbers, or fine-tuned to include recognition of milestones such as employment anniversaries.

What kind of incentives do employees like to see featured in rewards programs? This online catalogue is full of ideas: https://online-rewards.com/catalog/intro/merchandise.

Electronics and gadgets definitely rate at the top of the list. Here are our top five picks for gadgets that are a must-have for any incentive reward program.

1. Laptops

Since a good-quality laptop often comes with a hefty price tag, they make wonderful gifts for dedicated employees who would like a nice machine for personal use. If they happen to get a bit of extra work done as they’re playing World of Warcraft in their off-time, then – hey! – everyone wins!

2. Cameras

While cellphone cameras are all the rage these days, there’s still nothing like having a standalone digital camera. For the employee who is a nature lover, artist, or who loves documenting the antics of their active family, a good camera is a wonderful thank you for a job well-done.

3. Televisions

There’s nothing like the excitement ditching the old set and unboxing a bigger, more crisp and vivid flat-screen TV. Well, that is, unless the new TV is a gift. Reward hard-working employees by making their downtime even more enjoyable.

4. DVD/Home Theater Systems

What goes best with a brand-new TV? A fantastic home theater system with which to enjoy it, of course! Whether the reward is a high-quality Blu-Ray player or a speaker set that amps up the volume to an amazing level, home theater electronics are something that any employee will love.

5. Movies

Even seemingly small rewards are fun to receive and make employees feel valued. DVD and Blu-Ray movies are a great cost-effective way to motivate and say thank you.

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