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Top 3 Upcoming Tech Companies of 2018

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The world of technology is constantly evolving, and it always seems that there must be an inevitable tech-slowdown on the horizon. However, that has not been the case for years, as new technologies continue to impress and push the envelope of human capabilities. With so many new developments, there are is a large pool of new companies that that are primed for success in the extremely competitive field. Here are 3 upcoming tech companies to watch out for this year.


Skydio is a drone navigation company that seeks to change the landscape of the flying devices. It is intent on using aircraft guidance that is not reliant only on GPS, making for a safer and freer flying environment for anyone who enjoys using drones. By using ordinary cameras instead of advanced depth of field cameras, they simplify the flying process and make it easier to navigate. While they do have their own drone model, the Skydio R1, it is the navigation technology behind that threatens to make Skydio a major player in the industry.


With e-commerce at an all-time high, shipping and logistics have become immensely important for any business. Amazon has impressed everyone with their highly efficient and advanced supply chain operations, but there are other companies out there giving them a run for teir money. Shippo provides shipping services for small companies and independent merchants, helping to give them an advantage against the major companies that are able to take advantage of Amazon’s supply chain.


tilr is an HR manager’s dream. This advanced software matches applicants and employers based on the skills of the worker and the needs of the company. It is separated by market and is committed to helping people find the perfect job for them while assisting companies in hiring qualified candidates.

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