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How to set up and run targeted advertising on Instagram

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A guide for beginners

If you know how to set up targeted advertising, you keep your social business under control. Today I will tell you how to learn to launch a target on Instagram, choose types of ads, arrange advertising publications and not lose yourself in the process.

This knowledge will help you to understand whether to continue the path of the advertising warrior alone or trust the experts.

Why do you need advertising: the possibilities of targeting on Instagram and your desires?

I’ll tell you about the goals that help to realize advertising in this social network.

  • Increase sales.
  • Provide traffic to the site.
  • To make the brand more recognizable and increase the loyalty of followers.
  • Increase conversion and get new leads.
  • Attract new followers who may become new customers.
  • Increase the number of engagement in content.
  • Stimulate interest in stocks, special offers, and services or goods.

All these joys will be available to you if you set the target correctly. On how to avoid mistakes and deal with all the nuances, I explain in this article.

Create and customize ads on Instagram with Facebook

To start setting up advertising, create a business page on Facebook if you didn’t have one. And then proceed.

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page

This must be done because:

  • You will be able to respond to comments and questions under advertising posts.
  • Your name on Instagram will be pulled into the advertisement, not the name of the business page.
  • The name that comes up will be clickable. People will be able to click on it, explore your profile and follow you.

To make a binding, go to FB. At the top right, find your business page.

Click on the “Settings”, find Instagram. Click on “Login”.

A window will appear. Enter your login details into it.

If you want your post to have lots of comments before you make it into an ad, you can buy Instagram comments!

We coped with the first part of the journey! Ahead – the most difficult part is yet to come.

The first stage of setting – choose the purpose of advertising

Go to FB. At the top, find the menu arrow and select a Facebook ad.

After that, you will see Ads Manager. In this advertising cabinet, you will customize your advertising for Instagram.

The first thing you see is the goals. Each of them will help you decide what you are hoping to get from the target. A total of 11 goals, they are divided into 3 categories.

If you click on each of them, you will know what their features are.

To advertise on Instagram choose the following goals:

To promote a separate post – “Involvement”.

To increase the transitions to the profile and add to the list of followers – “Traffic”.

If you have your own website and you want to sell products – “Conversion”.

If there is no site, but I want to get clients for my services – “Lead generation”.

You do not need to put a tick in “Create a split test”, in the “Campaign Name” field write down the name of the campaign, which will be clear and convenient for you, remember that there can be several ad groups in one campaign, so do not mess up, click “Set up an advertising account”.

The second stage of setup – set up an account

Choose country, currency and time zone.

I advise:

Choose the currency of the country you want to target. This will save you from the commission.

If your account is a dollar account, then get ready to pay a little more. The minimum budget for this currency is higher than the others.

Make your settings right away. After payment, they cannot be changed.

The third stage of setting – choose a place for clicking

It’s simple, choose the “Site”. Even if it will advertise a personal profile.

The fourth stage of the setup – determine the audience

To target Instagram, there are three types of audience.

  • Individual – these are users who have logged into your profile, visited your site, wrote you messages, made purchases. This audience itself is warm – people already know something about you and have a certain level of trust.
  • Similar – this includes users who overlap with users from the first group on some grounds. You can create an audience that will be similar to those who bought from you or viewed a profile. Customize ads on these people, you can, if you use the pixel Facebook. Pixel Facebook is a specific code that needs to be installed on the site. With it, Facebook and Instagram will follow how your visitors behave.
  • New – this is an audience that includes users selected by targeting. This audience has not yet chosen you. The trick is that you choose it.

To set up advertising for this audience, you will need to specify the geography of your advertising hits, the location of your audience, the language your potential followers speak, and the gender of your audience.

The fifth stage of the setup – set the space for appearance

In theory, your advertising will be shown not only on Instagram but also on Facebook, partner application. If you are interested in shows only on Instagram, then go: “Types of placement” – “Edit Placements”. And then remove the checkmarks everywhere except Instagram.

There are 2 places available on Instagram:

Feed – Users will see your ad in updates.

Stories – your suggestions will appear in the stories.

And here you can divide the appearance by device type. If you start advertising for the first or second time, it is better not to separate. Gain experience, but then analyze and test how much you can afford.

The sixth stage of setting – set the schedule and choose a budget

Let’s start with the money. Here you have 2 options:

  • The daily budget is the money you spend on advertising every day. Set the timeline for displaying ads – the start date and end date, or choose a continuous display, starting with the launch period.
  • The budget for the entire period of validity – this is the money that you spend on advertising during a certain period. Here you set the beginning of the period, the end date and the planned budget. The budget will be spent approximately evenly.

Seventh adjustment stage – choose optimization

Go to the fine-tuning. Depending on what goal you chose in the very first paragraph, the choice of optimization options will change.

  • Clicks on advertising – advertising will be seen by people who are most likely to click on it.
  • Landing page visits – ads will be seen by those who click, wait for the download and go to the page.
  • Impressions – your ad will be shown as often as possible, several times to the same person.
  • Daily coverage among unique users – each unique user will see your ad 1 time.

According to experienced online advertising specialists, “landing page views” work best.


We hope this article was helpful for you and remember you can find anything with the right keywords! For more information, click here.

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