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Get Money! The Fastest and Most Convenient Ways for the Self-Employed to Get Paid

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to chase up money that we’re owed. This is especially inconvenient when it’s cash that we’re owed for our goods or services. Many people think that small business owners or the self-employed have things sorted. That they’re earning enough to let a little cash here and there slip. In many cases, this is untrue, not to mention unfair. You wouldn’t walk into a store, take something from the shelf and expect it for free or to simply say that you’ll pay later, would you? So why should it be acceptable to use the services or take the goods of a self-employed individual in the same manner? Sure, the self-employed choose their own rates and can have more lenient policies and deadlines when it comes to trading. But kindness shouldn’t be taken for weakness. So, if this is a problem that you find you are regularly experiencing, here are a few ways to sort it out. It’s time to get the money that you’re owed and prevent similar things from happening in the future.

Have All Deals in Writing

Sadly, people’s word isn’t quite enough when it comes to making a deal. You need to make sure that you have evidence of all of the terms and conditions of a contract and written agreement from the other involved party. This way, if problems do arise, you will have sufficient evidence to back any claims in court. This is especially important when larger sums of money are involved, as it can save you a fortune in cash and a whole lot of stress in the long run.

Make Sure to Invoice

You need to ensure that you invoice your customers and clients. Some may not be withholding payment out of spite or even purposefully. They may simply have a lot on, and your transaction may have slipped their mind. So make sure to send them an invoice and payment reminders. There’s plenty of software out there that will generate invoices on your behalf. The process is simple, so there’s no excuse for neglecting it. Payment reminders are particularly important for customers who may have taken a loan or are paying a large sum in regular, smaller instalments. The best way to send these reminders is via text, email, or letter. So, ensure that you have all of the relevant information for each customer at hand before handing over any goods or supplying any services.

Take Relevant Action

If any customers or clients ignore invoices and payment reminders, don’t leave things too long before taking action. Otherwise, they may go bankrupt or find another way out of paying their dues in the process. While it will often be cheaper and faster to negotiate with someone directly regarding payments, some people will merely bide their time or make excuses, leaving you out of pocket for extended periods of time. So don’t be afraid to take people to court to ensure that you get what you are rightfully owed.

So, remember: if you have supplied goods or services to someone, they have to pay up. Just follow these simple steps when chasing up payment and you should receive your dues as promptly as possible.

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