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Geeks: How to Fund Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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These days the work landscape is definitely geek-friendly. And the best and most inspiring demonstration of this is when the spotlight shines on digital nomads. These are skilled people who work for themselves from just about anywhere: their bedroom, their favourite coffee shop, the library, the beach — there are no limits. All they need is a laptop or tablet, a reliable wifi connection, and they’re off to the digital races. 

If you’re enjoying life as a digital nomad, but finding that your cash flow isn’t flowing as fast and furiously as you’d like, then here are three practical, legitimate — and of course, cool and geek-approved — ways to earn some extra money:

Wrap Your C

You can easily earn some extra cash by allowing a company to wrap your car. And don’t worry about advertising hemorrhoid cream or any other sensitive or embarrassing product. There are plenty of geeky brands and products to choose from, like apps and gadgets.

Take Surveys.

You have plenty of opinions, right? Well, market research firms want to pay you — yes, that’s right: pay you — to simply share your views on everything from packages to what you want from an online banking website. What’s more, you don’t even have to physically attend focus groups (although you can if you wish). Many surveys can be done online, which means you can share your opinion and earn some extra cash at 3:00 am.

Create Online Courses.

As a geek, you have at least one — but most likely a few — areas of expertise. Creating online courses isn’t just a rewarding way for you to make the world a smarter place (which is good geek behavior), but you’ll earn some cash based on the quality and popularity of your course. Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about instructional design or e-learning. Credible organizations like Udemy and others will provide you with all of the background and tools you need.

The Bottom Line

Granted, none of the suggestions above will take you to the next income bracket. And if you’re saving up to buy a Ferrari or move in next door to Bill Gates, then sorry, but you’re on the wrong track.

Yet with this being said, these suggestions will certainly help you re-start your cash flow, or save for a relatively more modest goal — like a trip to Las Vegas or a great new laptop. What’s not to love about that?

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