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Bus.com – Disrupting the American Charter Bus Rental Industry

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Traveling has been a lot easier with the rise of modern technology. People now have easy access to the internet via affordable smartphones conveniently stored in their pockets. Here, one can easily use apps to contact ride-hailing companies for an easy lift.

Before we had this amazing power in our fingertips, we had to wait in line for bus rides. People had to stand awkwardly by the side of the road for available cabs. One had to acquire tickets long before the travel date to have a guaranteed slot. These were time consuming, unreliable, and created a frustrating experience overall.

Now, it is a different world. With a press of a button, one can have a car ready to take them anywhere within minutes. Tourists on vacation can enjoy private car rides to their destinations. Commuters now have an option should they miss their schedule. Group travels are much more convenient and easier to plan with the use of charter bus rentals.

Your Own Personal Ride

These companies, such as Lyft and Uber, offer one amazing perk that trumps public transportation: convenience. Yes, no matter where you are, you can simply take out your phone and request a driver to come to your location. You no longer have to wait in line, no more struggles of trying to hail down a cab.

You do not even have to worry about getting a ticket beforehand, or being at a certain area on time. Your schedule is your own, and you only need a press of a button to get to where you want to go. They also offer the option of speed, being able to share a ride with other passengers to cut queue times and travel costs as well.

Introducing Bus.com

A rising contender in the world of ride-hailing companies is Bus.com. They offer, as one can deduce by their brand, the ability to rent private bus rides for any occasion. With their service, you get the convenience, the speed, and one additional bonus: more space for the travelers.

This means a less frustrating experience when planning for events that involve large groups of people.

Bus.com was created with a goal in mind: to be able to carry groups of people without hassle to their destinations. Traveling (especially long distance trips) can be quite a difficult task to plan. Bringing along with you a large group of people can make this task almost impossible. Think of field trips, sporting events, work retreats, and many more. These involve loads of people requiring a transport to take them to places. Using Bus.com for your trip’s needs, you can even pick which type of bus suits your needs perfectly.

Catered to the Passenger’s Comforts

The company Bus.com came from humble origins. The founders wanted a way to travel in groups without the hassle of multiple transfers and a restrictive environment. Formerly called SharetheBus, this idea evolved into what we know today. Using public buses or trains does not provide the group with privacy, as well as being only limited to a number of stations upon arrival.

Bus.com provides each group their own personal transport, giving an entire bus shuttle’s worth of space for themselves. The passengers of the bus also dictate where to go, when to leave, and everything else in between.

While Uber and Lyft offer these great advantages, they still have their own limitations. Passenger capacity for example is limited to three or four people per vehicle. The car depends on the driver, and you may not have enough space for your group. That is not even considering the luggage requirements as well. Bus.com offers a better way to travel. Nobody wants to feel flustered while on the way to the destination. People should be able to enjoy themselves before, during, and after arriving.

A private bus ride, with just you and your group, traveling anywhere you want, does just that.

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