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5 Places Where Good Design is Beneficial To Your Business

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In business, good design is highly beneficial. Statistics have proven that when a company puts an emphasis on design, their performance significantly improves, giving them an upper hand over competitors. A good way to see the importance of design is to look at it as an investment. The more you put in, the more you gain.

If your company looks the part, your customers will see it in a different light. It will appear more established, trustworthy, professional and valuable. Effective design is eye-catching, thought-provoking, and leaves an impression on its viewer. Any entrepreneur will agree that these qualities are useful for a business.


Malcolm Gladwell, who authored the book Blink, explained that by adding slightly more yellow to a 7UP can’s color palette, customers reported the drink to have a stronger lemon flavor, even though the actual contents of the can weren’t modified.

When Hormel included a little green parsley in their logo, people perceived the product as fresher. A certain Ravioli brand found it more beneficial to have a close up of a real human face instead of a cartoon character. The real face more strongly influenced the perceived quality of the product.

These are good examples of how small details in product packaging significantly influences the way people feel about your product, often before they pick it up. If your products aren’t leaving shelves as fast as you’d like, look at the packaging and consider how you can make it more appealing to your target market.

User Friendliness

Design is not only visual. It also refers to tangible and interactive aspects of a product. This is evident in the digital world, where clean design is becoming increasingly important. As software and websites become more feature-filled and complex, their user interfaces tend to become cluttered.

Facebook is a great example of this. Log in today and you’re swarmed with ads, features, suggestions and little menus all over the place. Yet, in a twist of irony, this UI has been cleaned up and modified as much as possible, which is why you have to navigate through a few more menus to access certain features.

By making your websites easier to navigate, your packaging easier to carry and your door easier to open, you’re giving your customers a more enjoyable, stress-free experience. If your website is a mess, visitors will simply leave before adding anything to their cart.

Your Website

Adding to what was mentioned above, good web design is, of course, extremely important. You’d be lucky to find a successful business today that doesn’t have its own website. From promotion to customer interaction, the benefits of having one should go without saying at this point.

Studies suggest that 94% of visitors reject a website based purely on its design, rather than the content. Ditch the pop-ups, keep ads to a minimum, and make sure everything is running at maximum speed. The importance of strategic design is also important. By carefully placing certain design elements, you can make the most of your visitors.

If you have a newsletter that you get great promotion from, ensure that people can easily see where they can sign up for your newsletter on your website. Sendinblue has a post detailing six newsletter design tips that you can utilize to keep your audience engaged. This will help you master the art of making a good newsletter and increase your brand loyalty.

Your Content

When Netflix asked subscribers what they liked most about the service, most of them commented on the recommendation feature, along with the range of movies and series on offer. However, few participants looked further than that.

Yet one can argue that a large part of what makes Netflix the first choice for so many consumers is neither the recommendation feature nor the content. It’s how the content is presented, both visually and functionally. The interface is clean, fast, and easy to navigate.

Good design enhances your content. In the case of Netflix, it’s done so well that the content outshines the design. The same way good packaging makes the product inside appear better, a well-designed user interface helps your content do all the talking.

Presentation and Communication

Ever tried to pitch an idea or product to potential investors, but couldn’t get your point across effectively enough? This is where well designed visual aids come in handy. Ditch the 3D glowing pie charts and opt for clean, concise, to-the-point graphs and charts that help your audience see what you want them to see. Keep it professional and let the visuals do the talking.


Design, when done right, can do so much for your business. You can get your target audience to see your business and its products in a completely new way, leaving a lasting impression on both your customers and your competitors.

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