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5 Major Tech Retailers and Services That Accept Bitcoin

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It makes sense for tech retailers to try and lead the way when it comes to engaging their audience with respect to technological progress. The way that people engage with firms is changing, and even though websites and apps are the obvious ways that technology has driven interaction, payment methods are crucial too.

When it comes to modern payment methods, it is hard to look beyond Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has provided a whole new form of payment and many people, and firms, are keen to get involved with this currency. Therefore, you will be interested in knowing what firms you cause this currency with, and here are five major tech retailers and services that accept Bitcoin.


Newegg is well known as a platform that provides an extensive range of gadgets. When it comes to technology products, this is a firm that delivers the very best, and they are keen to be at the forefront of Bitcoin payments.

The company has used BitPay as a payment processing partner and if you are keen to find a trusted source of technology products that allow you to pay with Bitcoin, Newegg is a fantastic choice.


If your idea of perfect technology is watching the best range of TV shows, the Dish Network may be an organisation you are familiar with. This is a company that provides satellite TV and internet services, and they have accepted Bitcoin payments since 2014.

This means you can be confident about this being a company that is comfortable with cryptocurrency, helping you to pay for your TV subscription in complete confidence and ease.


When it comes to a major company is involved with every aspect of tech, it is hard to look beyond Microsoft. This is an industry leader and they accept Bitcoin payments. As you are dealing with Microsoft, you know that there will be a lot of terms and conditions to consider but you should find that paying by Bitcoin is a straightforward process and one that will allow you to enjoy a wide range of tech products.


While Overstock.com is a company that offers an extensive range of products, many of which aren’t tech related, the fact that you can enjoy a fantastic range of tech products online means that Bitcoin users should check out their range of products.

In fact, Overstock.com accepts payments in a wide range of cryptocurrency options, not just Bitcoin, so if you are looking to buy laptops, TVs or drones, this is an ideal place to shop.


Another company that offers an extensive range of tech products is Cex and you’ll be glad to know that they accept Bitcoin payments. With many stores on or close to High Streets, you will have plenty of options to shop with Cex.

Bitcoin payments can make your life easier, and it makes sense to stay in touch with the latest options you have on and offline. One company who is helping Bitcoin users find convenient shopping solutions is Satoshi Point, so make sure you review what they offer.

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